Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Forque In the Road

The splintering of U.S. leadership into two opposing paths is not unexpected. When empires decline, desperation seizes the failing strategy to retain hegemony, while the new strategy attempts to invent itself. As with Rome and much more recently Britain before it, the U.S. empire's foreign campaigns of full spectrum dominance have created a legacy of failure almost since they began.

Vietnam would have bankrupted virtually any nation state, and if not for America's privileged reserve currency status, the ensuing campaigns and color revolutions from Iraq to the Ukraine would never have been funded. The irony that foreign nations inadvertently funded their own indentured servitude is not lost upon the current generation of producer nations.

The Trump "revolution" could easily end up as the little people's greatest disappointment, because the man has no magic formula or solution to the dilemma of the great "dollar unwind" that lies ahead.

I have never claimed to have "an insider's view" or some omniscient connection to the "grand conspiracy". I contend in fact that there is no grand conspiracy, but rather an unstoppable organic evolution that will play out its course in time.

What I do possess is the  faculty of mind to comprehend and aggregate information, sorting truth from propaganda as best as one can in this confusing era of (dis)information overload, in order to obtain a rational view of reality.

Clearly, and quite obviously, there is an entrenched neocon faction, presumably using co-conspirators within the CIA, which sees war with Russia as a necessary extension of the existing full spectrum dominance strategy to maintain dollar system dominance over the international monetary and financial system. Obviously they would prefer a non-nuclear defeat of any opposing empire or strategic alliance. But the current playbook is not yielding the desired result, so we witness an absurd effort to discredit any form of light shed upon true motives. This effort takes the form of McCarthyism against the Russian nation state as it dares to regain its sovereignty after the financial beating it took from the U.S. in the 90s.

Further desperation was created by the failed international monetary sanctions against Russia, which backfired magnificently. Again, the old strategies do not work in our changing new world.

The faction which endorses the Trump presidency probably understands this. We know there is a path that faction could take, which would lead the world into a peaceful and prosperous future, but whether that faction wishes to take that path or not, is presently unclear.

Societies have a particular distaste for the unknown. We would rather be dead wrong in our "knowing" than to simply admit our ignorance. Many will argue with certainty that they know what lies ahead of their end time as they depart this world, and would fight to the death to uphold those beliefs, despite the fact that a belief is not a fact, and a prediction is never a sure thing.

What rational thinkers do know is that a simple solution to the world's debt dilemma does exist, and a number of powerful people understand and will likely back that solution, since it will benefit them greatly. Unfortunately, a number of powerful people will oppose that solution, as it does not serve their best interests, and so the struggle continues.

Though some seek answers with great anticipation, I must say that I do not know what the future will bring. I suspect that no one does. But in time the future becomes the present. And what we can know, we will. Until then ...


  1. You do not need a crystal ball to know the world's future. You only need to read a few history books. Fiat currency is always printed (created) until it becomes worthless. All paper wealth denominated in the fiat money becomes worthless. The existing monetary system is replaced with one based on precious metals or there is a violent revolution. Everybody starts all over from scratch with precious metals until future generations forget. Then clever thieves start another fiat monetary system.

    1. History doesn't always repeat itself. There is no guarantee in life. Gold will stay sub $1,000 if China and Russia come on board with the NWO.
      The NWO global reserve currency will be all digital and denominated in SDR. There will be a new cashless and borderless society where bankers rule nations behind the curtain.
      Gold is an insurance in case the people win the war against global domination by the banksters. I’m rooting for Trump and Putin.

  2. Judy toy, History does not always repeat itself, but historically no fiat currency has ever lasted. Whether a fiat currency is paper, a base metal, or digital information on a computer probably does not matter in the long run.

    1. It's absolutely true that currency rotates in and out of debt base fiat and asset back base metal currency. However, with modern technology, I think we'll have to consider a new addition to this rotation which is back the brute force of an invisible BLOCKCHAIN technology.
      Gold back currency may have to wait another 40-50 years if the banksters got their digital currency in the NWO.

  3. Unfortunately, I doubt that central banks and governments will use blockchain technology because it will defeat the main purpose of a fiat currency, namely the ability to create as much money as they want.