Wednesday, November 23, 2016

REAL - Get You Some

The recent "fake news" meme draws parallels to some recent thoughts about our world today. Questions have been posed, such as:

Is "fake news" part of a crackdown on what was once called conspiracy theory?

Is the crack down a reaction (from the progressive left camp) to the unexpected victory of Trump?

Is that reaction based upon the presumed failure of mainstream propaganda to secure the election of Clinton?

Is this the same mainstream propaganda agenda that calls what appears to be a majority movement the "alt right" ... and if in the majority, what is this movement an alternative to?

Once again, we see the world through a lens of truth, deception and everything in between, but certainly nothing "certain". And of course keeping people in a state of perpetual uncertainty has its advantages for those who would take advantage of it.

Someone mentioned "manipulation"? And of course the reaction is, "conspiracy theorist" (or maybe "fake news-er"). When it comes to gold, I think "fake" hits home more closely than "conspiracy".

I see no real conspiracy in the so called manipulation of gold. This is simply a matter of bullion banks (and related entities) playing a "fake market" based on the unlimited paper they possess, and the paper limitations of the players they rob.

Yes I think they take advantage of the perceptions of the seemingly endless supply of greedy weak hands who endlessly get fleeced because they think they can outsmart the house. It keeps the game alive just like any casino.

The point that most miss when they try to convert PGAs to their camp (the "spender's camp" btw) is that today's international monetary and financial system is changing as predicted. The dollar is behaving as predicted, gold price is acting as expected, currencies are doing as expected, debt continues to grow along with stagflation and major banks seem to be shifting some of their derivative hedges from interest rate to FX. Change is often a prelude to a "redefinition" of our reality.

It is interesting to note that the spenders camp (indeed the progressive left) is reacting to the so called "alt right" (or whatever it is that has surprised them with Trump) in what appears to be a bit more genuine than theatrical propaganda. But I don't think it's anything close to being a classic "spenders vs. savers" battle. I think it's just a reaction to the left's self righteous attitude and constant inundation of their social values being shoved down the throats of a fairly pissed, fairly large mob.

As turnabout is fair play, I believe I'll begin calling the "progressive left" the "alt left" now, since they do appear to be an alternative to what the left had traditionally represented. And I think too that recent events show us that either values are changing, or true values are being more aggressively represented.

I define our world in general as being mostly "fake" as long as debt and gold continue to act the way they do (as well as our developed economy markets, money and systems on the whole). In fact, I think "fake" is a fitting synonym for "developed" in this context.

But I think values are changing in regard to more than just social values.

I believe that "reality" eventually comes home to all "fake" civilizations, given the right circumstances, which eventually always transpire, time after time after time. When debt is properly valued, gold will be properly valued. Debt must fail for gold to perform (as debt always does and gold always does). It seems we have a ways to go - but again ... values are changing.

This certainty is what I am truly thankful for, perhaps more than anything else, though the little baby steps we take, and the breadcrumbs we leave upon that journey, sustain me through the long wait which we endure.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Debt equals asset in various forms; real estate, bond and stock are the obvious ones. These assets have been moping up excess liquidity from bout after bout of QEs, keeping inflation/deflation under control. However, these basins are filled to the rim.

    Reality does come home to all thing fake. We can't fight deflation with QE any more because the fake markets are filled - debt can't go into real estate market any more because the rents are already too high, debt can't go into the equity market either because the P/E ratio or productivity no longer justify the price and bond markets all over the world are already at or approaching zero interest rates.

    The gradual inflation which the banksters were hoping for didn't materialize. Investors who benefited from the fake markets either didn't spend enough or didn't spend at the right places. liquidity in the fake markets are not being drained fast enough into the fake economy. That is the problem with fake civilization because the people are not fake, they know something is terribly wrong.

    The banksters can solve this problem by swapping debt into gold. Gold is the only asset which can mop up the excess liquidity without causing massive out of control inflation in the global economy - silver can't do that without raising tremendous cost to the solar panel and electronic industries.

    The only problem is that the moment all the (unplayable) debts swap into physical gold, gold will most likely become the de facto global reserve money. The Fed will not be able to manipulate prices of the commodities, including gold, in the future (fake paper) commodity market with their fake currency any more.

  2. Quite so J.
    I would only add that the recent lash back against reality in terms of unprecedented hypocrisy (and irony) show us sheer desperation in grasping at the frayed status quo.

  3. I would say about American politics and beliefs the following:
    1) the minute but growing minority that has internalized collapse, understanding that this ship is going down, is correct
    2) the left, as usual, has some good ideas mixed in with some bad ones, politically correct BS, insane love of jewish and black criminals, and a misunderstanding about both human and American nature, even as they wish for a better world
    3) the right and in particular the alt right are the most deluded of all - deport the mexicans! (than who is going to do the work) bomb isis! (invite more terorrism) end abortion, bring christianity into the schools! - more complete nonsense

  4. Quite the generalization there A. As long as we're doing broad stroke my response is that in America, though we seek the truth, there is absolutely no way to find it through these competing "realities" which do not exist, so the vast majority of people who seek to make a difference haven't a clue, as they muddle through life with strong intentions and absolutely no direction.

    This is the state of American politics and beliefs today IMO.