Thursday, October 27, 2016

To Be Continued ...

So following from the last post, and allowing for some time to let these thoughts "sink in" ... we see others, a week or so later, chiming in:
Globalists exploit the word “isolationism” to shame sovereignty champions in the eyes of the public ... The point is, some values and social structures are mutually exclusive; no matter how hard you try, certain cultures can never be homogenized with other cultures. You can only eliminate one culture to make room for the other in a border-less world.
This is what globalists seek to achieve. It is the greater purpose behind open border policies and globalization - to annihilate ideological competition so that humanity thinks it has no other option but the elitist religion. 
I do not often agree with Brandon, but we are in agreement here. The "elections" that we are taught to cherish as our God-given right and responsibility - that we should be thankful for and never take for granted - are but grand experiments to see how capital can shape the thoughts of the masses while checking their pulses every 4 years.

And if you are "too lazy" (or apathetic) to vote, fear not. Someone will be knocking at your door with the question: "Trump or Clinton?" ... in a nation where your vote is supposed to be a private matter. Why the charade? Why the curtains at the polling booths? Obedient idiots ranting and raving their political views on social media are falling directly into this, empowering the data collection symbiosis between the political class, the global private capital class and your "trusted social circle".

These elements are moving toward becoming one centralized system of social and political "correctness".

Whereas the existing system of global corporatism is not new, the coming structure has an additional element of "homogenization" gradually forming. "Open borders", like "free trade", have much social and monetary capital invested (by NGOs, mainstream media, etc.) in being seen as politically and socially "correct". Russia's advocacy for national sovereignty is "not".

Whereas Fascism or Corporatism was defined as a marriage of corporation and government, this model is evolving into a planned marriage of corporation and government with culture and society at large.

And yes, the elimination of cultural and national sovereignty is a part of this.

Alas, I will still savor my Russian Vodka (Ruskova is my staple) and French Poisson en Papillote. And so will the ruling classes. But the sheople who produce them are nothing more than slaves, being milked for their labors and paid in each others debt, printed by their masters.

Does this situation not exist? Can we deny it? To continue from the last post:
The reason (debt) can be treated as an asset on a balance sheet is the long standing likelihood of future performance that the collective debt the fiat dollar derivative represents (by virtue of pretending to have the same future performance guarantee as gold) will always and forever be satisfied by future payment with ..... (?)
The answer is a long journey indeed, but at the end of that trail we understand that as long as a fiat currency can reliably buy real things like natural gas, gold and oil, it remains a self-perpetuating, self-referential asset backed by nothing more intrinsic than its "preferred usage".

When sovereign nations reject another nation's political agenda, they withhold their resources from exclusive denomination and purchase agreements in the rejected nation's currency. If that nation issues the "world's reserve currency" (which is in and of itself a monumental testament to the aspirations of a one world currency Order) then it challenges to the death.

And here we are today. Gold is a monetary way out of a global military insurgency against the evolving world order. And dollars cannot be allowed to bid for gold, oil or natural gas for this to work.

So the families hold gold in the interests of a very old (6000 year) tradition - that necessity is the mother of invention. And what greater necessity exists for humanity, than but to prevent it's annihilation?

This we learn ... from the flower of understanding ;0)


  1. Roacheforque, Predicting the future is child's play if we can "create" the future. The vast majority of people can be conditioned with the "promise" of bread and circuses. The Biblical temptations: the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life, suffice to control 95%...give or take a few percent. However, what about that pesky 5%, who insist on defying the illusion of the "promise"? Follow the yellow brick road!

  2. Indeed, the trail is narrow and fraught with peril, but honor is a powerful shield against "wealth by decree".

  3. "voice",
    How can you be sure you can "create" the future without the willful co-création with all other?
    Indeed, this goal is an illusion.

    The most skilled "magickians" have failed. They may have succeeded very temporarily to create a strong illusion, but it did not last, because it was an illusion, Not a creation.
    This explains why every empire has collapsed, as the current one is collapsing.
    And yes, mastering philosophy and ethics are sovereign shield against this illusion.

    1. "Futures" in our financial markets create the world wide "reality" which we humans accept as a denominator of "value". "Paper as wealth" is the outcome of this acceptance, and the most powerful illusion of all.

      When certain sovereigns reject certain paper this illusion does feel the strain. Those sovereigns accumulate gold to back THEIR paper, as they reject the paper backed by debt, which always fuels the imperialist agendas of dying empires.

      "Wealth by one nation's decree" can never have the staying power of "wealth by unanimous consent".

      This we learn from the flower of understanding, as it takes root in the garden of wisdom.