Friday, September 16, 2016

A Question of Relevance

As usual, we have the drama, the extreme opinions and all the emotional ingredients for another highly theatrical US Presidential "race". Just what the world needs to keep the little people intently focused on anything but what truly matters.

As we see and hear the Facebook comments and posts among our various social circles and become horrified at the thought processes which command the people we thought we knew, the reality of the situation gains new meaning.

As we all know, there are people in our world who are seriously caught up in the love interests and various activities of celebrities like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (as the covers of various magazines sold at your local grocery store clearly indicate). But as we contemplate the sad lives of people who will argue and fume over which new love interest is best for Brad, or how terrible it is for Angelina to be seen with "Celebrity X", we must also consider just how relevant it is to bicker over the question of "Hillary vs. The Donald" based on what they say or do as presented through the same media which promotes Brad and Angelina.

In both cases, it is really a matter of relevance. Unless you are a member of the wealth elite, with millions of dollars to spend on donations for favors, neither Trump nor Clinton will do anything at all for you, to protect or enhance your best interests, other than by sheer chance ... any more than Brad or Angelina can enhance your life (other than through some emotional need or fantasy).

And likewise, the media panders to the fantasies of the little people in much the same way. Leading them to believe that these people actually matter in their lives.

Deep down inside, if we were to truly think rationally about the reality of our lives, we would have to conclude that neither Brad, nor Angelina, nor Donald, nor Hillary give a single rats ass for the people they (supposedly) serve. They are rewarded for entertaining us, and like all of us, they do what is required to serve their own self interests and rewards. The likelihood that your self interests and theirs actually coincide is very small, and again, truly a matter of sheer coincidence.

What middle and upper middle classes CAN do (though they have been effectively trained NOT to) to create an actual causal connection between their actions and relevant systemic outcomes that presidential candidates should be talking about (but NEVER will) is to vote with their relatively small sums of money just like the big boys do with their millions, by holding sound money in their portfolios.

If every middle class citizen of the USA were to convert 10% of their (paper thoughts of) wealth into physical gold, a seismic change would begin to take place - a change that would radically alter the power of fiat money and the power centers who create and issue it in massive amounts to sustain a debt based system that is morally and equitably bankrupt, and which systematically robs their futures by eliminating opportunities that would be created in a world where fiat exchange rates are soundly governed.

You will never hear Trump talk about HOW he is going to create jobs in America, when we live in a world where 1 dollar = 6.67 yuan. You will never hear a standing president or presidential candidate talk about fiat exchange rates. Never. It is forbidden to speak of things like the ESF or "strong dollar policy" just as you will never hear them speak of the "Wolfowitz doctrine". I invite you to Google these terms if not already familiar with them.

When corporations can pay Chinese workers the equivalent of 8 dollars per hour (53.36 yuan - which buys a nice hotpot dinner for 2) these corporations will happily outsource labor to their advantage. An American couple cannot even afford a meal of synthetic GMO soy burger at McDonald's for eight dollars and we are considering a minimum wage of nearly double that at $15 (100 yuan - dinner for 4 with drinks in China).

So when you wonder why "everything is made in China" do not expect your American president to ever explain why. Because the corporate CEOs that employ foreign labor to increase profits (with enough left over to pay millions in political contributions to the Clinton Foundation and their ilk) will not permit it.

You live in a world where your only relevance to the Corporatist global system and their benefactors is the potential that you will get out of hand and start a revolution. And if you do that, their post 911 police state created to "protect you from terrorism" will gun you down in a heartbeat.

No my friends, you can vote with your wallet just like the Giants do. 300 million little people voting with their wallets can make the same difference that 300 wealth Giants can. You just have to think outside the box of irrelevant issues and diversionary "causes" that they are actively creating to contain you within.

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  1. Mr. Roacheforque, your comments above add a new dimension to the saying "vote early, vote often." 😉