Friday, July 8, 2016

Changing of the Guard

Though little explanation has been given, the movement of paper gold has not followed it's typical non-fundamental trend. A billion dollar smack down in mid morning Nymex trading has no affect, and now much larger losses are being taken. People have wondered at an ever growing and curious change of important events. Though they cannot quite articulate the change, it can be summed up quite well thus:  

The dollar system has fallen out of favour with the families.

The value of the dollar in the "pricing" of gold is changing!

Now this is a bold statement, please do not take it dramatically. Neither the Roths nor the Rocks intend to cut off a toe to spite the foot, but the rotting fungal toenail of the Wolfowitz doctrine, it's staunch Neocon adherents, and those of wealth who have leaned too far in this direction (even after being "shown the way") must go. It could not be more evident, or better said, than in these following excerpts:
The fact that in the UK there are those who look towards a post-American future demonstrates the tight integration of the owners of the British Rothschild finance with China, and Britain's decision to participate in the Chinese project of (the) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, contrary to the will of the United States.
This is also evidenced by the results of the referendum on EU membership. Brexit, and the honest counting of votes, would not have taken place without the support of the elites. At the same time, the US openly opposed Brexit.
I hope this puts to rest the angst over the unexpected decision of the UK.
One should read the entire Katehon report on the Chilcot inquiry to better understand why it's postponement for 7 years has now ended. An ideological battle has been fought behind the curtain of the ministries (of dollar faction propaganda) and a victor has been declared by the deployment of capital (and future commitments).

Again, to expect the US to suddenly "collapse" as many have suggested, is as far fetched a notion as the transition of reserve currencies and world power from Britain to the US in the last similar shift of power. But this is not a parallel shift, rather it is (as it must be) a qualitative change ... from uni-polarity to multi-polarity.

None of us can predict the future. But aggregate senior capital certainly has the power to help mold a future that is already taking shape. It always has.

The dollar has already hyper inflated. It is our modern world that masks its true value in ways the little people cannot comprehend. But Giants do know the true value of the dollar today, and they are staking (not betting ... staking) a new currency structure with a "more equitable distribution of favour".

All things do change ... as time proves, always.


  1. Not sure bro...I'd say the Families are worried about World War and would prefer to avoid that since they'd all die ;) But I can't see a peaceful are the Q's on my mind.

    The CB's are buying equities. This is yet another example of central banks attempting to change global economics as we know it. But when the State starts buying up private companies you have to worry about the wider implications. We could just be seeing the tip of the iceberg today and assuming this becomes accepted as normal practice then could we envisage the eventual control of the private sector by the public sector? This is absolutism.

    When these governments and institutions run out of your money to buy stocks with----what so ever will happen when they are forced once again to monetize bonds? Hyperinflation is the only possible result with the only possible 'exit' strategy of creating and international currency being the SDR.

    One currency to rule them all? But without world war 3? i don't think so. It is hard to imagine a world of banker-kings eliminating the power of war--kings to use war to resolve the dispute about what is legal tender.

    If it were that easy, why do people, nations, kings, and city states care for gold?

    Conquest and possession of territory and bullion leave no uncertainties about counter-party risk, because the counter parties have been vanquished.

    In a world of coordinated 'central bank' action, how can so much counterparty risk be managed in back door agreements without defectors from the cartel self dealing and eventually double timing the cartel?

    Whence the loyalty? By what ties can these loyalties be bound other than secret threats of violence? Because threats of violence and bribery can only keep those in positions of power in line for so long.

    Many Q's. Thanks.

    Cathal Haughian

  2. The key is "tribalism". Part of your answer is here: