Monday, June 27, 2016


It is no secret that Alan Greenspan is the curious former FED Chair who is a closet gold-bug. His references to gold standards of the past are noted, even though those "standards" were flawed. His inability to articulate the true gold standard, free of currency fixing and other artificial connections to debt, marks him disappointingly out of touch - but he is still closer to reason than any other babbling old fool to have ever taken charge of markets as a Fed chair does, and is expected to do.

As chairs of the US dollar system, Greenspan, Bernanke and Yellen have bought us time. But time is running out. The sideshow in Europe merely affirms the failure of globalism (as has been pointed out ad nauseam) ...

Moreover, we begin to see the BIS and others continuing to presume the failure of debt. Did the US debt based dollar system build the finest country, the greatest military and the most impressive reach of power and influence, spanning the globe?

Nations, regions and economic blocs will question this time and again, though cautiously, for fear it is true. And they wonder ... if it IS TRUE ... is it because the dollar system was able to create such chaos across strategic regions and nations, leaving the issuer of those dollars in relative stability, aside from the occasional "Orlando"?

Gold is the anti-dollar - a moral solution - a global solution for individual nation-states. A Fed Chairman can understand the power of the dollar, it's system and the current state of affairs said system has created.

Greenspan would choose to kill the dollar with gold. He has as much said it. He is Goldspan - unintentional advocate of FREEGOLD.

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  1. Perhaps Greenspan is singing the prelude of gold back SDR. Yuan will be incorporated into the SDR in October. I don't think the IMF would go thru the troubles to make that happen for nothing.
    BRIEXIT may be the black flag/swan they needed to create some kind of liquidity crisis to replace the dollar with SDR. However, I think this is probably just a warmup since the decline is too orderly. The black swan would probably be Deutsch Bank before October, IMF will bail out central banks with the new SDR. It would be wise to add gold along with the yuan to enhance much needed confidence.