Thursday, May 26, 2016


Though it has always been the policy of these annals that "we go our own way" and have thus far have opted not to dignify the popular trend of Trumpery with any significant mention ... it does bear warning the little people (gullible as they are) of the error of their ways.

As if the Madison Avenue contrived Obama brand of "Hope and Change" was not instructive enough, we now have an even more ridiculous notion that Donald Trump is "anti-establishment". Nothing could be farther from the truth.

But this is not a characteristic of Trump in particular. The office of the POTUS is an establishment prize, and a prerequisite to future wealth, power and opportunity, which is guaranteed by the banks and multi-national corporations which advise and instruct the office of POTUS. Nothing more.

In a world where power and privilege are so easily issued with the stoke of a keyboard, NO MAN (of the US political class) is "anti-establishment".

Understand that the "establishment" and its fiat keyboard bail out the CBs primary dealers to the tune of TRILLIONS (USD and exchange swap equivalents) each year, using the same units of account that the worlds middle classes are paid in to repay each others debts for their labors.

To understand this disparity is to understand that ONLY GOLD is "anti-establishment". And further, the very working classes abused by this disparity support it in their acceptance, obedience and naivete.

Again, NO MAN (of the character of a JFK, or likewise) rises to the occasion at this critical juncture in these late stages of the dollar system's timeline. We are far too well along in the path of "power corrupts absolutely" when power is so easily wielded by the banking class.

As history instructs, economic war and/or collapse (in essence how different are the two?) are the most likely outcome of a system which captures the hearts and minds of all participants, affecting morality, virtue, honor and our system of beliefs and valuation.

End of lesson. Trump is just another establishment shill in anti-establishment regalia. As with Obama, there is no hope or change forthcoming from this or any other future POTUS.

The hope and change that true wealth is betting on lies in their vaults.

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  1. I'm not too sure whether Trump is just another establishment shill in anti-establishment regalia or not.
    I believe that U.S. is a 4 tiers system consists of the banking class, the big corporations, the small businesses and the working stiffs on the bottom.
    The banks push and squeeze the corporations, the corporations squeeze small businesses and small businesses squeeze the consumers. politicians are the walls in between which these four use to push back and forth against one another.
    The only group which can push back against the banks is the corporations.
    I suspect certain big boys in the corporate world, probably with connections to retired and active military intel, are ready to push back. They probably picked Trump as their champion, I hope the 2nd tier has gotten to Trump rather than the banks.