Monday, May 2, 2016

Only the Dead Have Seen the End of Gold

More and more often lately, the "thoughts of Another" in principle are being articulated within a larger circle of rational thinkers, notwithstanding Dan Norcini's claim that:
... gold cult members who seem to not understand that when they are cheering predictions of $5,000 or even $50,000 gold they are cheering the ruin of everything around them ...
As wealth Giants already know full well, gold is most definitely not connected to everything around us. Rather it is uniquely connected to the international monetary system alone in a way that insulates it's valuation from "everything around us".

Whether or not the central banks can manage the paper gold price in an orderly fashion is another matter. It has long been known by Another, and the families, that the current fiat regime end game is not only the world's salvation but also the key to revaluing their true wealth in an even more epic finale than the current highly lamented "wealth redistribution" of our rigged markets:
This would mean that central banks disagree with Norcini. It would mean that far from considering a sharply higher gold price to be the end of the world, central banks consider a sharply higher gold price -- at least if it can be accomplished in an "orderly" way -- the prerequisite of worldwide debt relief, their own reliquification, and the maintenance of their power.
Indeed, the central banks (including the BIS) and the wealth Giants who own and manage them have always held, based on historic truths about human nature, that it is a forgone conclusion - their gold will be revalued far beyond the imaginings of the paper pikers soon to be wiped out in a cataclysmic default that will almost make 2007 - 2008 look "credible" by comparison.

If the "bailout" of 2016-2017 were to occur (as with 2007-2008) you would THEN have Norcini's "ruin of everything around us". The CBs could bail out their favored banks, just as before, while half the world undergoes 40-50% unemployment, cities accelerate their decline and empty shelves become widespread, shipping ports are closed and war mongering reaches fever pitch.

But all credibility would be lost, as the Eastern half of the world visibly prospers with far reaching economic development based on real world activity, equity agreements and harmonious inter-regional trade and commerce for the benefit of their middle classes.

To blame the disparity of misfortune among the working classes of the East vs. West on "speculation, currency manipulation and unfair trade practices" will be tough for even a Trump to credibly present. There will be some Neocons who will fight change to the bitter end, and a hot world war cannot be ruled out, no matter how insane the outcome.

The question remains: can war finally be the barbarous relic that it should be for mankind?
It can be ... GOLD is the answer.


  1. Hillary is one of the dead. Bush and Obama are dead. Sanders is a lost soul. Trump is not dead but I don't know if he understands gold is the answer.

  2. Only True Wealth Giants understand it, and those wise enough to follow in their footsteps, like those who manage the CBs and have always insisted upon this only non-paper holding to be in their possession and on their balance sheets.

    Many years have passed since another referred to Soros as "a piker". Today, he needs to be dealt with.

  3. Maybe even the dead know the end is near.

  4. Mylchreest's reference to Another (though not cited) will not be his first.