Thursday, April 14, 2016

When Giants Speak

FREEGOLDERS have often postulated upon "signs" that would foretell that FREEGOLD was approaching, or to hypothesize upon a domino event that starts a chain reaction for FREEGOLD to unfold. But one might just as easily surmise that when wealth GIANTS (who hold many tons of gold) conclude that the current system is more "inimical" to their interests than a systemic shift which revalues their gold holdings ... they would simply instruct their banks to do what Deutsche bank has in effect just done.

Not to give this single action too much weight early on, but this does set a fairly substantial precedent. For a systemic bank to admit it willfully rigged gold prices is no small matter. I do not believe it has ever been done in this century ... or the last.

And let us not forget that banks do not arbitrarily make such statements lightly, nor do their shareholders ever command such weight. It is the holders of their bonds (their true owners) who make decisions at this level. One must remember that banks obey their masters - they are not sentient beings with a will of their own.

Now if we have certain other systemic banks joining in, while others do not, we will then see which lines are drawn in a battle between LIONS (a time for small dogs to hide with what is in their bellies).

Such would be a fitting tribute to the coat of arms above, the symbolism of which is subject to much interpretation at this juncture.

Will Deutsche Bank's move be the watershed event that ushers in a deliberate systemic reset commanded by wealth giants? Or do we simply live in an era where such admissions are a minor cost of doing business, which all presume to be corrupt, and which the little people can do nothing about but accept?

Time proves all ...

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