Thursday, March 3, 2016

Capitalism? We think Not ...

THIS is a must read because it hits on so many important points in a brief and salient way. It is nearly 100% spot on, except for a few tiny details.

We cannot attribute the failings of the system to "Capitalism" as it is classically defined. Capitalism does not, for example, require a pure fiat system to function. Nor can the current international monetary and financial system (IMFS) be described as Capitalism. It is much closer to Fascism under a fiat regime of a more Imperialist nature.

True Capitalism does not allow for TBTF, with financial failure rewarded (and trillions in losses "socialized"). Risk is not systemically protected by an unwitting collective. Clearly this cannot be argued against. It can be said that Capitalism helped to foster this development, but importantly, it could not have been accomplished under a free market gold standard. To wit:
Capitalism was governed by the gold standard system which was international, very solid, with clear rules and had brought great prosperity: for banking Capital was scarce and so allocated carefully.
The bolded statement above is extremely important to understand. It is also important to understand that we have never had a true free market gold standard in our lifetimes, free both of artificial "fixing" as well as derivative futures manipulation. This is what FREEGOLD advocates essentially, as the next evolution of a true gold standard for our next IMFS.

We do believe that physical gold accumulation among the 2% has reached a level that will in fact allow the families to cease the current measures to prevent the clearing of our current debt based system. Unfortunately, the situation has entered into "new waters" that have never been tested by historical precedent, therefore it is troubling our central banks, and the way forward remains unclear.

We all do wish to make the transition as painless and peaceful as possible, but there are war mongering factions within the circles of power, and these factions will live and die by the current debt based wealth redistribution system, even if we were to simply sit them down, explain the peaceful process with them, and attempt to buy them off with our gold.

But do read the above linked material as it is very, very clear, at least 90% accurate and useful to understand. It will help you to see the possible futures as our next "Bretton" unfolds. I do not think we will call this new era one of Capitalism. We believe the new system deserves a new name, not tainted by such predispositions of the past.


  1. Hi Roacheforque,
    Your fans from the FT are happy to hear from you. I hope you enjoyed our article.I tried to write it in such a way that it would be easily comprehended and story-like. Would you be so kind as to write me, at with your suggested improvements. You did mention 'minor errors' which I'd like to hear more about.

    That essay will feature in the 15th edition of The Philosophy of Capitalism. Please enjoy this free copy

    Lastly, I know how bright you are. Would you be so kind as to improve the book? Some chapters may interest you, E.G. What is The Nature of the Financial System? Or I could do with some help with the concluding chapter.

    Yours Truly,

    Cathal Haughian

  2. I am honored to hear from you Cathal. It is rare for me to promote a piece so wholeheartedly, and therefore the minor error, in my mind, is contained in the body of the post. I believe that neo-colonialism and capitalism are two different things and one may lead to or require war, where the other does not. The Wolfowitz doctrine for example does not represent Capitalism in essence - but it engenders war-mongering. I have to run but will read your material and be in touch. Cheers!