Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Deep State Blues

Occasionally, a decent description of the current "world order" (far from "new" btw) which is best described as global corporatism under the US dollar faction appears on ZH. The reality of that world order is terrifying to those who are suddenly introduced to it, after many years of mainstream domestication and civic obedience.

Many simply deny the reality, clinging to the fantasy that we occupy some moral, democratic high ground, that elections matter, and that the little people actually have a say in the nation's governing policy and law.

This is not another blog post meant to convince the reader that there is a reality beyond the imagery and spectacle provided by the empire's Deep State Colosseum. A fantasy world where an all-powerful, all-good paternal figure watches over and protects us from harm and evil, both in this life and the next, serves the status quo well, and many can only sleep well at night with these assurances.

I assume the reader is here at the annals because he has rejected the kool aid, or the "blue pill" as it were, and not only seeks the truth, but "can handle it" when found. The larger truth of the article linked above is here:
If there is anything the Deep State requires it is silent, uninterrupted cash flow and the confidence that things will go on as they have in the past.
So with that in mind, and understanding that (as these annals have attempted to illustrate time and time again) this status quo is the very thing under attack today, we have a glimpse into what is at stake and how change might come about.

When we reflect back upon the power of fiat money, bestowed to its issuer, we have many historical examples of absolute power, found over time to be corrupt absolutely. We have many examples of past challengers to such corrupt powers, having been hardened by years of tribute, and disadvantage by virtue of the empire's established privilege, rising up and defeating the source of corruption as the empire declines.

America's narrative, in the former greatness of its revolution against the British throne, is a distant but salient memory - though our role in the last world war gave us an exorbitant privilege that brings us to today. Yes, we rallied against the atrocities of Hitler, even as our current Deep State was under construction, and our march toward global corporatism being firmly established through the BIS, Trilateral Commission, IMF, World Bank, CFR, UN and other such entities.

In this current, modern world war, the tables are turned. Though today, we do not hide Jews in the basement, we do fear for what we might freely say (in condemnation of our oil wars, for example) such that our names are listed in a national security database.

I do not have a cure for these "Deep State Blues" other than to recognize and accept that challenges do lie ahead. The same elite that have left the little people in despair are under attack by other elites who lust after their advantage, and where the little people will be caught up in that struggle is any one's guess.

We can only hope that as the lions fights (and small dogs hide with what is in their bellies) that said lions come to realize a certain truth - that a world where all small dogs have perished is a world with no food for lions.

Together, the people of the world, large and small - through their actions - make up the character of our world. We can have a world fraught with corruption and immorality, where the strong prey upon the weak, and live with the conditions they create.

Or, we can have a world where good and justice prevails, and the fraudulent and corrupt are punished and diminished by the rule of law. A world of freedom, peace and prosperity for all who are willing to work for it.

Again, the key lies above. The power to issue wealth by decree corrupts. Gold is the nemesis - the antithesis - of this axiom. Gold is not allocated or issued by decree. Gold is justice and the power of good in a free world.

Those who are challenging the current world order are accumulating it. Those empowered by the silent, uninterrupted fiat cash flow and the confidence that things will go on as they have in the past, are using every means within their power to discredit it, and even to dishoard it - having bet their very existence on its demise.

Oh, how they have us reeling, to buy real gold on it's fiat decline. So strong is the dollar, as it spreads across the world, emboldening the Deep State. Sing me those Deep State Blues brother - what to do, what to do?

I have already staked my claim. Have you?


  1. Old world order to return I believe.

  2. I already staked my claim 6 years ago.I sold a little to maintain 25% in 2011 and bought back whatever I sold plus some since.
    Whenever I am annoyed at the lowering gold price, I remind myself that I should be glad that things still haven't fall apart just yet.
    I think the ball is in the Chinese court now. They are trying to break away from the grasp of the dollar via IMF's reserve basket. If they are not happy with the outcome, gold will be their trump card. However, if they managed to break free without resorting to gold, gold price may fall to a much lower level.
    I'm prepared for either scenario,

  3. Yes, began staking my claim 25 years ago and have continued storing my surplus in timeless wealth month for month since then.

    The tragic events of the last few days show the Deep State not being ready to go 'gentle into that good night'. It fights - like every organism - for it's very survival. I am however optimistic. It cannot prevail against the flow of history.