Friday, October 23, 2015

What is Best for ALL

Little by little, he comes to the clearing path, understanding more and more.

A currency is only as strong as what it buys, and when the trading world stops using it for geopolitical reasons, this is how a global currency "comes back" to the shores of its "issuing nation".

The future is clear indeed Alisdair, as you seem to see, yet hesitate to foretell. GOLD will be the global wealth reserve asset, and free markets will redenominate the currencies that trade it at par along with synthetic currencies that trade at 200-1, 300-1, 500-1. There is no limit to derivative dilution other than credibility, and the tell is relative currency weakness, just as with QE or (negative) rates.

Today, the dollar is a betting chip in the world of financialization (the most profitable product of our banking class) but as those chips lose value at the "cash door" the casino winds down.

But take heart, the weakening dollar is the answer to America's re-industrialization. The corporations killing our working class with exchange rate arbitraged outsourcing will find political cover in the redeployment of our national working class, bringing back the country's competitive production capability.

They too will see the only win-win situation. A form of cooperative global community where national strengths and differences - not interdependency under control of a ruling hegemon class - is the only way forward.

When all see the common solution as being in the best interests of all ... then the game of peace is won in a draw. Surely, we can all see that the world wants this, we only need to do what is in our own best interests, to do what is in the best interests of all.

So it begins then. There will still be surges. How fast it turns is really the only remaining question.

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