Monday, October 19, 2015

Turning of the Screws

It has been a long time since my last post. Time spent observing predictable outcomes. Time passing as the pieces of the grand puzzle coalesce. And now, enough time has perhaps elapsed that some statement of reckoning can be made.

Even in these dark times of necessary deleveraging and stagflation, there is hope.

National sovereignty will once again triumph over the failure of globalism. The independent cultures and histories, and the peoples of different nations throughout the world, WILL NOT be subsumed into some indentured, homogenized global working class of automatons, under the rule of global Corporatism.

Clearly, Russia will not have it, and their alliance with China gives teeth to the awakened bear. William Engdahl's lastest posts clearly articulate this vision here and here. This is a vision long ago expressed in these annals, back when the seeds of it's destiny were only slowly taking root and being nurtured. To see the progress here is encouraging, even if it saddens the heart of many true Americans to see our country on the wrong side of freedom, prosperity and it's own national heritage of a country "by the people and for the people".

But again, the bittersweet truth of hope ... TRUE hope, that is (as opposed to the Madison Avenue contrived "Hope and Change" of two successive administrations) lies in the knowledge that the U.S. will change by necessity (the mother of invention) and not by the will of the 1%.

The changes ahead, which are clearer today as the path widens, will come from pain - as most change does - and will end with an America that begins rebuilding it's national heritage, it's industry, its integrity and its heritage and culture.

Perhaps the most significant way to view the catalyst of the historic shift taking place today is to simply understand that there will no longer be a global reserve currency that is represented by debt. This does mean, as Engdahl explains, and as China does realize, that the SDR will not assume the mantle that Jim Rickards contends.

Rickards does articulate the Globalist / Corporatist agenda, but that does mean said agenda will succeed. That agenda is losing ground in the Middle East, an important geopolitical testing ground, today, as always.

In the end, history prevails upon the unchanging nature of humanity, Our evolution is agonizingly slow, and we must revisit a version of the past in order to hone a more stable future.

We know where we have been, and we see where we are going. There will always be debt, represented by our paper currencies and digital entries, but these will never again represent the wealth reserve asset of nations, as in our recent past 50 or so years.

As we ever so slowly transition from systems of debt to systems of equity, the gradual change from a world of absolute hegemony, earned through nothing more than the power to decree wealth absolutely, begins. And with this change begins the ascent of honest money, virtue, substance, culture, sovereignty, working class integrity, prosperity and a solid foundation into which good debt will flow, and bad debt will be filtered through, in default.

I am in debt to FOFOA's treatment of "metamorphosis" and most recently to William Engdahl, for affirming what I have seen these past two years or so. Please read the links above for a better understanding, and know that on the other side of the storm, there is resolution.


  1. Thank you for your observations!!! The links were very enjoyable. I agree with Mr. Engdahl that the EU hasn't worked out the way it was envisioned...yet!! I think the RMB is a second front to make this transition happen sooner or later.

    If is misread the below lines, my apologies or
    Did you mean "not" between " does mean" in that last sentence??

    .........This does mean, as Engdahl explains, and as China does realize, that the SDR will not assume the mantle that Jim Rickards contends.

    Rickards does articulate the Globalist / Corporatist agenda, but that does mean said agenda will succeed.....

    I like you your observations, post more when you get a chance.


  2. No, not a typo. The SDR will fail, China knows this in its "backup plan" but they are extremely pragmatic in the way that they play the status quo, in part (I believe) to avoid a world war with an unpredictable opponent.

    That is the greatest strength of the Wolfowitz doctrine, which everything you hear about lately is ultimately synthesized from. We mean to look like the crazy hegemon that will stop at nothing in its desperation to maintain full spectrum dominance.

    It is the only card left for this weak hand to play, the Strangelove card. It keeps Russia and China in check for now, as we try to play this out without our bluff being called.

    Thanks WC.

  3. Hey Roacheforque,

    Glad to see you are well my friend. I was wondering if all was ok with you given the duration of silence. Thanks for the above post. It is appreciated. Always nice to noodle on something you offer us to ponder. Be well. Aurora

  4. Thank you for the post, always enjoy your insights. Also appreciated the links, not just in this article but also in the side margin. Glad to see you posting again, it has been awhile.

  5. Thanks to all, these are busy times, and the posting is less frewquent, but I hope the links from Engdahl are inspiring ... much respect there, and they certainly affirm the crux of these annals.

  6. Good to see you back Mr R.

  7. Hello mister Cafourchette,
    I do agree with Engdahl, because if he could read french or russian then he would agree with what I published before :

    But I highly recommend your spirit : " know that on the other side of the storm, there is resolution."

    As I said...

    Have a good day.