Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Not a Prediction, but ...

When one considers the gullibility and naivete of the American public, and its desperate reaction to such idiotic balloon-floats as "The Donald", I do believe that the families could in fact attempt a re-enactment of the 2008 bailout in 2016.

One does not need to be that creative when the mean IQ of the audience has been so completely anesthetized by hyperbole and propaganda. The world is collapsing before our very eyes and most everyone you know is lathered up over football. This is not just some quirk of your neighborhood or circle of friends - the metrics of the world's greatest monitor of human behavior, Google Trends, undeniably proves it.

Panum et Circenses.

The trusty bipartisan playbook is quite simple. In the last cycle, an intellectual hero was fashioned (from the blue corner) that promised hope and change. This time, we need a forceful brute (from the red corner) who will carry us into war against the evil, job-stealing Communists across the ocean.

But first, we will have the crisis, and the bail-ins. This is not so much a wealth transfer, or even a destruction of wealth, as it is another opportunity to acquire real (physical) wealth assets with the failing currencies, while they still maintain the ability to do so. Sadly, this script is written, and even more sadly, I know the people will buy it, because it's all they have.

The banking class will pair this plan with further exchange rate devaluations and massive global QE to extend the stagnation further - anything to preserve the illusion that their debt-based paper "wealth by decree" maintains the ability to acquire real assets in the deflationary fire sale of all time.

As this unfolds, the "dollar value" we hold so sacrosanct today will come into question. In disbelief, YOU yourself will question it.

Then comes the final game of preserving equity against the claims of debt, as incomes vanish. Many will perish - it will be called the Greatest Depression, because, unlike the last, there will be no place left for the generational wealth dynasties to go, but to their stockpiles of gold.

This will be a time when the credibility of the paper will fail, and it will not only cease to be accepted as payment for anything of value, but it will begin to lose its association as a numeraire.

This shift in value perception will naturally invoke a return to the integrity of gold world-wide and class-wide, indiscriminately, as a true and honorable denominator of value, thus breathing life back into the paper currencies as they are revalued against it.

We call this FREEGOLD, and for every day it's arrival seemed imminent there has been another year of delay.

I think it could come tomorrow, or 5 years from now, and I will continue to think this until the day it comes. That is my prediction if you can call it that. In any case, call it what you will.



  1. You must be my brother from a different mother because I know exactly how you feel. I'm anticipating its arrival before the end of the year. However, I will not be surprised at all if it happened 5 years later, but I will be very surprised if it didn't happen in my lifetime.

    Fear not, my friend.

    1. Quite so, I only wish more of us were of the "same family". I spoke to someone yesterday who did not vote in the last 2 elections but will vote for Trump in the next.

      God help us that we have bred such ignorance as to get what some truly wish for: WAR