Monday, August 10, 2015

Death of the GRF - Part II

As we look at the precarious nature of our faith-based money, we must acknowledge the moral implications of "easy money" or "dishonest money". I prefer the latter term for this exercise since the "easy camp / hard camp" discussion carries so much "gold bug of the past" type baggage. But the fact that dishonest money is so easy to create, control and redistribute helps one to understand the wave of immorality that has swept over our world.

Clearly today, current events speak volumes to the ease with which dishonest money is used to perpetrate dishonest deeds. When Marc Faber speaks of the U.S. ability to "wreak havoc" all over the world - indeed, when he says that: "Instead of building nations they destroy nations, from Libya to Egypt to Syria to Iraq and Afghanistan. Whatever they touch, they mess it up or in good English F* up!"

... what enables this capability is our easily created "political money", our Global Reserve Fiat (GRF).

When Putin (and the Russian Senate) bans a dozen foreign NGO's, they do so because these NGO's create color revolutions in places like the Ukraine in order to topple democracies (in the sullied name of democracy) and install a puppet regime that protects the financial interests of the protagonist. Again, our GRF enables and powers this activity.

Paying tribute with labor and exchange rates is not enough for the empire of debt. Rather, it's vassals must accept and embrace the ideology of the empire as well - we now see resistance to the vassalage. And it is wise for Bill Engdahl to cite the awakening of the GRF's victims, but we must also understand that to outlaw the ideology behind the NGO's is merely to address a symptom, not the cause.

When China and Russia stockpile honest money, they address the cause.

As we've shown, equity based money is not so easily created as to fund havoc in every corner of the globe, and to spread the seeds of it's own perpetuation without restraint or limit.

This Global Reserve Fiat will die by two edges of its own sword, one being the contempt with which it is so easily created to bend the will of the world to its bidding, and the other sharp edge which so many are blind to recognize.

That edge we will speak of next.


  1. Just think what might happen if everyone started stock piling "honest money." Looking forward to Part III