Wednesday, June 24, 2015

View From The INSIDE

Two of the most knowledgeable traders I know who "turned against the system" are Rob Kirby and Damon Vrable. Rob must be given credit, along with Eric deCarbonnel, for unearthing the ESF's role in the JP Morgan interest rate derivative "price control grid" as it applies to the bond market.

That is a lengthy dissertation, but the evidence is hard to "shake & fake". Rob is still hiding out in Canada, making appearances in Greg Hunter's venue and others, but Eric disappeared in 2012 about a year after Damon did.

If you search the web diligently, you'll find where Chris Martenson claims that Damon received death threats for his treatise on "The Rise of Financial Empire" and related publications. I cannot confirm those claims, but he certainly did vanish from the "public fishbowl". I feel that wherever he is now, enough time has passed that this video can be shared, especially since his viewpoint, his predictions and his general grasp of our current reality are unequaled from a predictive viewpoint.

Knowing that this video is about four years old, you may be overwhelmed by the uncanny accuracy of these assumptions in relation to very recent current events highlighted here at the annals. This is WELL worth the 90 minutes required. This video was removed from another account. I am surprised that it was reposted elsewhere on YouTube, and cannot say how long it will remain.

From a Roacheforqueian perspective, I consider Damon a courageous insider who was well liked enough by "the Narrators" (or "owners" as he calls them) to have been "offered a seat at the table".
God help us that SO FEW ever decline. But he obviously did. I wish him well.

In terms of the solution, can we really rebuild a Republic from a grass roots level, as Damon suggests? If so, Ellen Brown's the one to reach out to I suppose. She was another of the early sources I studied shortly after the public bailouts of 2008.

I had truly thought that to make TBTF bailouts publicly known for the first time was a HUGE MISTAKE on the part of the Narrators. But today, I see that they were a "public relations / reaction test" brought about by the sheer arrogance and hubris that the bailouts need no longer be hidden (even though the 700 billion TARP sideshow was a pittance compared to the 13 TRILLION that Neil Barofsky uncovered in his expose of the FED's actual total bailout - or should we say "transfer").

I admire Neil too for his bravery, which you can glean a bit more of here. Add Elizabeth Warren to that group, as far as those still fighting the good fight publicly.


  1. Roacheforque this posting and video was enlightening. Well laid out in simple terms describing a problem we all have felt and just couldn't put our finger on. Kudos to the creator. If you are a member of FOFOA's SE, you might like to post it there for the members to review and think on. I believe it would have great value to them and be a nice contribution by you. As always my friend. Very best to you and yours. Aurora

  2. Thanks Aurora, I thought so too. And it just seemed to "gel" with current events, despite being 4 years old. Cheers!