Thursday, June 25, 2015

The TPP - Irrelevant?

The passing of the TPP is just another example of global corporatism's continuing top down "squeezing out" of its "administrative districts" (nations, states, municipalities, any smaller governing assemblage of the people) as perfectly described by Damon Vrabel's video in the last post.

What's uncanny is the timing of certain things. Bernanke's comments about Jefferson vs. Hamilton for the new $10 bill. Notice how Vrabel's video neatly touched upon that piece of history with a surprisingly relevant comparison to the top down power of the Fed's debt pyramid. Karma!

And now this Confederate Flag nonsense - how Vrabel's video touched upon the true nature of the Civil War. It was never about slavery, but rather state's rights. The defeat of the seceding states and centralization of government made it much easier for the banking class to co-opt the entire country, rendering the states more powerless with every pass since. Deja-VU!

What is bothersome is such ignorance of historical truth ... such that foaming of the mouth can take place on FaceBook as we lecture one another about the horrors of racism. With their understanding of history "re-written" by the various ministries of propaganda, they fail to recognize that THEY THEMSELVES are today's class slaves, literally cheering for their masters, as they dutifully respond to the diversion, instead of the point at hand.

The point being that their masters will be their own judge and jury, as they continue to rob their class of freedom and prosperity, through debt, inflation and taxation - as governing state and local laws still designed to protect them will be over-ridden by the corporations who wrote the TPP.

At the end of Vrabel's lessons, he saw the states as the last bastion of defense. And today, the TPP strikes another blow to the sovereignty of the state, the nation-state, or the individual, in respect to the new powers of the corporation. So I thought the timing of posting that prescient video was quite impeccable (if I may say so myself).

The good news is that the Masters of Debt have already come to the end of their timeline and the old paradigm they've stripped and corrupted has little left to offer when compared to the parallel system growing to challenge it.

In that new system, which is evolving beautifully despite all their attempts to destroy it, sanction it, loot it, psy-op it and otherwise create chaos within, lies the REAL spoils. A better world they can never have, never quite reach, never really understand.

And it drives them MAD in their lust for the power it represents, which they cannot overcome. This explains the desperate measures they increasingly, blunderingly, ineffectively take.

So let the Roach Barons of Debt sit red-faced on the Shit Heap of their own creation, fork in hand, and let them scoop up as generous a helping of the world they created as they can stomach ... while the world that comes to replace them inexorably emerges from its cocoon.

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