Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The FED's Rate Hike Narrative

Really, it's getting a bit boring ... all the speculation over the FED head fake/rate hike. It's almost as silly as the EU head fake/Grexit.

For the former, see some 188 plus trillion in the latest call reports for the top 5 bailout Queens. If you could see what certain insiders fully well know, you actually COULD predict the future (of interest rates) based on these interest rate derivative positions alone. The printer of the world's reserve currency, as the #1 corporate shareholding of these 5 banks, in tandem with the NY Fed and US Treasury, has complete control over all global "markets" (pricing matrices) through these 4 key controls: Interest Rate, FX, Equity and Commodity derivatives.

Find me an item to speculate upon that does NOT fall under the heading of one of these, and I will show you a market that simply does not exist.

If You Knew What Lloyd Knows, You'd Be Smiling Too.
Though we might accept that it's the top 5 TBTF banks themselves that are too big to fail, it's actually their derivative positions which are!

Of course, as with Lehman and AIG there will always be those who are "financially incorrect" in a similar manner to being "politically incorrect" or "socially incorrect" these days. Such is the fate of the Dick Fulds and Hank Greenbergs of the world.

After all, someone must take the LOSING side of every bet, even the fixed ones, if our global "DEBT-AS-WEALTH" system is to survive the challenges of the East.

The 5 Queens as I call them are "inside" the inner circle of the Fed/US Treasury connection, a rare realm where the Dimons and Blankfeins, dwell with Yellen and Lew.

It's comical really, a theater of the absurd, where NeoCon-Corporatist interests instruct governments to do their bidding, according to some of most absurd narrative ever put forth by any Ministry of Propaganda past or present.

It is indeed disturbing to see our coddled, hyper-sensitive "advanced economy" millenials so eager to profess their deep understanding, undying support and shameless pride for the Caitlyn Jenners and Rachel Dolezal's of the world ... yet are stoically able, ready and willing to support BOMBING the BLUE FUCK out of Russia (and China if we deem them a justifiable target) simply out of sheer obedience to a narrative designed to suppress any critical thought about the geo-political actions that are truly being carried out by the elite Corporatist element that controls G7 foreign and military policy today.

And said millenials are not alone. It's just that THEIR generation would be the one we would expect to critically evaluate all available information - as easily accessible through their smart phones, desk tops and Ipads, for at least as long as such information is still freely available and search-able on the world wide web.

While such financially, politically and socially "incorrect" information may soon be censored, the effort will be wasted, as the sheople are already blinded by the hand that gives - always "above" the hand that takes, in terms of what is given, understood, and received - without question. Yes, we will indeed "cancel their (student loan) debt" for this obedience.

The FED's rate hike narrative is meant to sustain the delta between greed and fear, for those unfortunate outsiders who are to be fleeced, while those "in the know" continue to increase their debt-wealth, as it flows in from wagers only they are large enough to rig, and to protect, "whatever it takes".

That said, what it will take is beyond your imagining, though you might well prepare for it, as the narrators have.


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