Thursday, June 11, 2015

How Our Wars Become "Worldly"

It's been a while since I've posted. There hasn't been anything noteworthy to speak of beyond what we already know, whether we "want to believe it" or not.

And that in fact is the answer to the question that haunts us, in the many ways it has been asked, which boils down to: "Why does no one stand up to the outrage?" The same question was asked of Germany during WWII. But I refuse to use the word "fascism" due to the way in which history has distorted the term. The proper term is "corporatism" (its meaning synonymous with fascism, but much more relevant to the current paradigm).

Back then, in globalism's infancy, a so called "New World Order" was born (perhaps to the complete surprise of those who today still anticipate it's "arrival") and America challenged the Order's iron fisted rule over the middle classes. History fails to correctly describe the role of bankers and corporations (including those in the U.S.) who, like today, have no national allegiance beyond the creations of their own wealth and power (TPP, TTIP). But in the shadows, it was Schacht and the corporations who empowered the Reich.

This time, as the present rhymes with our past, it will be the BRICs nations that come to the rescue of the working class people of the world. A strange turn of events, and uncomfortable to many who simply "do not wish to believe" the hard truth any more than the people of Hitler's Germany did. And therein lies the answer to the question posed above.

So, why post now? Perhaps because Europe is beginning to see the hard choice that lies ahead, today, as it did earlier in the last century.
Why is there not, in Europe, a huge movement to abandon NATO, and to kick out the U.S. military? Whom is the U.S. ‘defending’ Europeans from, after the Warsaw Pact ended in 1991? Why did not Gorbachev demand that NATO disband when the Warsaw Pact did — simultaneous (instead of one-sided) disbanding of the Cold War, so that there would not become the foundation for international (corporatism) to arise to conquer Russia (first, to surround it by an expanding NATO — and ultimately via TPP & TTIP), in the aftermath? Why is there not considerable public debate about these crucial historical, cultural, and economic, matters? Why is there such deceit, which requires these massive questions to be ignored so long by ‘historians’? How is it even possible for the world to move constructively forward, in this environment, of severe censorship, in the media, in academia, and throughout ‘the free world’? Why is there no outrage that the Saudi and other Arabic royals fund Islamic jihad (so long as it’s not in their own countries) but America instead demonizes Russia’s leaders, who consistently oppose Jihadists and Jihadism? Why are America’s rulers allied with the top financiers of Jihad? Why is that being kept so secret? Why are these injustices tolerated by the public? Who will change this, and how? When will that desperately needed change even start? Will it start soon enough? Maybe WW III won’t occur, but the damages are already horrible, and they’re getting worse. This can go on until the end; and, if it does, that end will make horrible look like heaven, by comparison. It would be worse than anything ever known — and it could happen in and to our generation.
Zeusse, my friend, you wouldn't believe how close we are to a third world war, so eerily similar to the second, with today's version of global corporatism so much more fully emboldened by the growth and power of their international monetary and financial system.

Know too, that the rise of a competing system, as fully highlighted by this blog for years now (to the dismay and chagrin of many who still cling to the hope of a "Euro solution") is the challenger to which Europe must continue to measure and make hard choices upon. As the Saker, Snowden, Assange and others have bravely revealed - this choice does not wait for weak hands to decide upon. Our color revolutions and regime changes in the Middle East, Ukraine and elsewhere will indeed become "worldly" as sides are chosen. Freegold will still play out, but the confidence attack upon the Euro currency - a byproduct of Europe's continued vassalage to the US, makes geo-politics today, far more than the "sideshow" of Another's era.

If only we could all remain neutral, or neutered as the case may be, in our comfortable fantasy world where the country that robs us of our prosperity, our social conscience, and our moral integrity, also pretends to "save us", as it enriches the chosen few behind the anonymity of the "corporation". Out of fear, out of ignorance, and out of purely "not wanting to believe" this ugly truth ... THIS is how our wars become worldly.

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