Monday, April 6, 2015

Even Summers Hardly "Gets It" ...

It's not exactly news that, geo-politically, the U.S. fucked up. But to characterize its inevitable decline as a March "moment" when U.S. foreign policy failed is hardly plausible.

True, the various agendas of the various factions within the titanic oligarch has blurred its focus, and its "exceptional" character on the world stage has been in decline for years. It's certainly understandable that certain advocates of the status-quo (like Summers) would like to blame a single key misstep on the gradual turn of events.

But there have been NUMEROUS events catalogued, both in this blog and elsewhere, over many years, that have slated the demise of the dollar faction's monopoly status over global economic affairs as a foregone conclusion, and I can assure you that the "failure of the US to persuade dozens of its traditional allies, starting with Britain, to stay out of (the AIIB)" is a bit like admonishing a corpse for not taking its vitamins.

Clearly, it is the character of the United States, and it's particular brand of U.S. of A-ness that has caused the rest of the world to withdraw support for it's "leadership" over the (free?) world. And it is this gradual withdrawal of support, which finds itself growing and accelerating along multiple economic fronts, that is the nail in the coffin of the dollar reserve system.

Summer's, as a literal poster child for the abuses of the system, both in the Soviet Union and at Harvard, where he exploited market opportunism fully to his advantage, is certainly an appropriate personage to lament over the final demise of the "system". Like Nero, he overstates the obvious only as Rome begins to burn.

When one reads, over time, the aggregate content under 'Roacheforque Suggests:", a pattern emerges. We begin to see countries like China and Russia stepping up to spread charity and good will, economic aid, and various equity stakes to countries in need, while the U.S. spreads color revolutions, espionage, weaponry and economic vengeance upon countries which refuse to do its bidding. As the pendulum of power swings, the East acts now as the West did in the 1940's, and the West acts now as Britain did in the 1740's.

It is THIS departure from our past exceptionalism (which die-hard reactionaries desperately cling to) that has had the greatest impact upon opinions within the global community. We were seeing evidence of the withdrawal long before the great global debt swindle of 2008, but that massive bailout of defaulting debt-derivatives certainly accelerated the dollar system's demise.

The U.S. response to the predictable outcome of such a massive systemic swindle - economic sanctions levied upon those who did not embrace the theology of the one-sided U.S. "debt-as-wealth" system -  is a much more likely candidate for the "turning point" which facilitated the acceleration of current and developing plans, already well underway.

We called the Ukraine fiasco and subsequent sanctions as the foreign policy "crucible" moment many months ago, just as 2008 was the economic crucible. Events since then have transpired with both alarming predictability and unpredictable acceleration.

Sadly, we humans have a love-hate relationship with good and evil. When we are prosperous and productive, we embrace and do good. When we are losing position and in economic decline, we abandon charity and embrace retribution.

The various factions within the U.S. classe politique could unite under a collective good and accept (as Obama has cautiously advised) the shifting axis of power and the emerging equity-based system. But the advocates of the old debt based system, who are dying by that system after having lived by it for so long, will unleash the full fury of their dwindling power, before accepting change.

The victims of this predatory middle class swindle need do nothing but walk away (if they can) while the authors of change remain benign and magnanimous in their confidence that good will overcome ...  and that they have the interests of the common man at heart ... and that the common man will accept their guidance in that journey away from a world where the 1% rule over all, wielding the last remnants of power to spread isolation, revolution, terrorism and destruction - all in a useless effort to prevent the sands of time from re balancing the hour glass of humanity.

No declining empire has ever managed to rise from the ashes in it's final stages of decay, yet the final power centers of each dies trying every time, kicking and thrashing about like a madman in an electric chair. Powerless, yet expending every last drop of energy attempting to delay the inevitable. The judge and jury of world opinion have long ago rendered their final sentence for this system, yet it simply cannot die gracefully. What other explanation of the embarrasments of US foreign policy upon the world stage suffices?

This is an oversimplification of course. The many agendas of the monied interests that control the pulpits of mass propaganda are busy indeed conjuring up alternate realities which confront that which common sense and intuition tells us. While the little people are not too predisposed to intricate layers of complexity, the wolves in sheep's clothing are quickly losing ground in this game of "hearts and minds".

This is a time when each person decides where his loyalties lie, based on much introspection and examination of the "gray areas" between policy lines. The working class is far too busy for the interminably complex, but they have access to the truth (which their common sensibilities affirm) should they choose to seek it - unlike in times past.

While no man is an island, or a country unto himself, nations are made up of people, and the actions of the people determine the character of the nation. Many of us "get it" even while the "haves" make their final desperate moves to save the status quo - a pointless exercise which some, like Summers, will finally abandon.

Others, with far more to lose, will stop at nothing.

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