Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Expect The Inevitable

With the new CIPS system looming, and global de-dollarization at stake, increasing conflicts are inevitable.

Does anyone really believe that the privileged debt-as-wealth faction would fail to bring to bear its full arsenal of cyber deterrence mechanisms to any viable SWIFT alternative?

Aside from color revolutions, counter-frenemism, bribery, and the corruption of future promises, financial cyberwars will continue to be (as they have been) fought behind the cover of technouflage - some suspected and some never quite provable. This is merely a trend for our modern times.

Technology will continue to play an ever important role in the class warfare between cultures. Especially with the dollar index now flirting with 1981 levels ...

So many of Another's predictions are rhyming with the present course ... it may not be much longer before time reveals all.

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