Thursday, February 12, 2015

War Perhaps?

For some, apparently, perhaps war isn't such a bad idea after all. It makes about as much sense as anything else newsworthy going on in the world today.

Believe it or not, it is being discussed as "the only way forward" to maintain the present international monetary and financial system as it exists today, a system birthed from the second world war, sustained by the aftermath of war, and challenged by the condition of worldwide peace for any sustained period of time.

For the United States, it is being discussed as the only way, politically, to restart the engines of manufacturing, thereby saving the dying middle class which has been replaced by foreign outsourcing of US domiciled global manufacturing.

For dollar debt holders, it is being discussed as the only way, financially, to preserve the system of debt-based wealth reserves, since many debts (a.k.a. "bets") will be placed upon the future yield of the victor's sovereign bonds.

In this way, we see that "war" is always being waged financially, and there is little difference between a cold debt war and a hot debt war, other than the number of lives extinguished.

And finally, it's being discussed by those of a Malthusian bent, a tendency well represented among the families, that the reduction in population is necessary anyway, from an available resource perspective.

It would shock most to learn that these discussions are being held, and by whom, and with such rationale and cold calculation. And of course there are opposing camps, as always. And those revelations would be shocking, I think, as well.

But remember, we do live in a world of shock and awe. We become desensitised to it, and bits and pieces are hidden, propagandized over and distorted, so as to deliver them in a more palatable serving.

And only in the historical perspective do we look back upon the horror and see it as it truly was, less than a single lifetime ago ...

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  1. "Such rationale and cold calculations" are not rationale at all. There are the sign of spirits in a dead-end, not able to reinvent their way of living, not able to introspect, not able to understand the meaning of their life and what their spirits wholly are.

    Then, they invent again new smokes to believe in new inevitable terror. They say: "Malthus has always been right! I always believed in him!". They are caught themselves.

    Most part of the families do not need to invent these smokes: they were invented by others like Sabbattai and Frank long time ago, and now the families are not able to deconstruct these ideas. They are only blind followers. They are the ones in the worst position in this web, and because their spirits are totally entangled, they cannot even begin to imagine the jail where they indeed are. How could they make them free ? Even their own death will not free them.

    Remember: Les premiers seront les derniers.