Tuesday, February 10, 2015

MOST Untoward!!!

Most off-putting these headlines of late, indeed, most untoward.

Why .. this will not stand !!
We have Bernie Sanders demanding a US Bailout of Greece (?!?!?) as well as the US DOJ demanding ransoms from their banking partners, the Fed's own primary dealers - JPM and Citi - as well as some not domiciled at Wall St., yet soon to be recipients of further Fed largess (according to recent discussions in the study).

Truly, the interdependence of geopolitical interests entangled in the global monetary and financial system has made strange bedfellows of us all. Perhaps we are witnessing the latent stages of the system.

I do not believe we had advanced this far in our Europe of the 40's. Hitler was already in his bunker and Mousselini was well hung by this time. If Goebels is rolling in his grave, it is out of sheer admiration for the deft application of propaganda - as an opiate for the masses. Truly, never before have the unwashed been so well managed. But the family's do seem to concur that this is in fact uncharted territory, perhaps even for the Roths.

In times as these, it is best to disengage from the noise of conflicting narratives and reflect contemplatively upon the tranquility of true wealth ownership, which offers timeless stability, singularity of purpose and, ultimately, peace of mind.


  1. My good friend Roacheforque, you have obviously had conferred upon you the Wizard's honorary degree of ThD. ~ Doctor of "Thinkology". Tranquility is assured for the golden ones at the end of the yellow brick road......You are awesome.......Aurora

  2. Ahhh Aurora, a diploma! Much preferred over a medal or even a testimonial! Perhaps I am thus qualified to perform such stratospheric feats as never before attempted by civilized man - though such lofty manipulations are perhaps best left to our central banking bubble...er..that is, balloonists.
    Many Thanks! And may you follow the same yellow brick road as it meanders through the gardens of wisdom ...