Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lagarde's Problem

The IMF has many fine words today, fine indeed. They are right sounding as always, but their true meaning hides behind them.
As we ponder the second choice, between stability and fragility, we must consider how we can make our increasingly interconnected world a safer place. Financial integration has risen tenfold since World War II. National economies are so interconnected that shifts in market sentiment tend to cascade globally. It is therefore critical that we complete the agenda on financial-sector reform.
Interconnection and financial integration is the epitome of the Too Big To Fail axiom, which you decry in words, yet embrace in action. The safety you laud is a plaything of your most ardent practitioners who nefariously foment color revolutions to promote the instability of any challenge to full spectrum dominance. You mock us with your disingenuous call for "reform", since it is the systemic interdependence of your "too big to fail" system which allows financial-sector fraud and corruption to be rewarded. The interdependence of globalism, as explained clearly by Rockefeller, Brzezinski and the various CFR / Trilaterals ... has failed.

It has failed because absolute centralism equates to absolute power (through your financial "integration") and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It feeds its obsession and increases wealth inequality to the unprecedented heights we see today.

And so, monetary blocs are coalescing, splintering away from the central cohesion of your global monetary system. As that system has failed, a competing system (articulated in prior posts in these annals) is slowly emerging, which urges the first competing system (EU) to either "lead or get out of the way"...
The third choice, whether to cooperate or go it alone, is the most critical. No economy is an island; indeed, the global economy is more integrated than ever before. Consider this: Fifty years ago, emerging markets and developing economies accounted for about a quarter of world GDP. Today, they generate half of global income, a share that will continue to rise.
But sovereign states are no longer the only actors on the scene. A global network of new stakeholders has emerged, including NGOs and citizen activists – often empowered by social media. This new reality demands a new response. We will need to update, adapt, and deepen our methods of working together.
It is well known that your non-governmental organizations, public-private partnerships, think-tanks, citizen activist lackeys, corporatist propaganda and control of social media are all compromised elements of your global monetary paradigm, bought and paid for by your many successes, frauds and bailouts, through the perpetuation of the IMF "debt as wealth" philosophy.

I am afraid that they are no match for the real world of the 90% who struggle to regain more than 15% of the world's total wealth from the 10% who own 85% (which disparity is rapidly accelerating).

The world that lies ahead is not one of interdependence and "cooperation" under the guiding hand of a central monetary system. The Eurasian Development Bank and the Eurasian Economic Council will not simply be folded into the warm embrace of the World Bank and IMF with your debt based special drawing rights as you, your handlers, and your followers (like Rickards) believe.

If the European Union does not fulfill the promise of Another, the Eurasian Union will. Gold of course will be a big part of this, because it gives the power of "wealth creation from thin air" back to God, and away from man.

You can believe that the wealth of land, the harvest, oil (and gold) come from God, or nature, or any other higher power that you wish ... you can believe that man shapes these God-given gifts to a more useful means. But understand that the power of creating wealth from printed paper comes from man - and man cannot be trusted to issue wealth from thin air in a manner that is equitable to all. This is the broken IMF promise behind your noble words that was always doomed to fail, as it does and has with all such charlatans since the dawn of man.

When the alchemy of gold from lead is believed, it is called magic. When the truth of wealth from paper is revealed, it is called fraud.

And this is the parable of gold which takes a lifetime for some to understand (even as many never will). The competing equity based system of the emerging producer economies is accumulating their gold reserves, not by edict, but by instinct, by intuition, and by tradition. A tradition of truth behind the lie of man's attempt to play God by creating "true wealth from nothing".

And in doing so, they show the way of hope, equity, meritocracy and true, real-world democratic progress for the future - in stark contrast to the so-called "developed" consumer economies, saddled with paper debt, failed policies, global stagnation, fraud and corruption, increasing wealth inequality, the reward of failure (bailouts), the social cost of interdependence (TBTF-ness), the profitization of healthcare (the Affordable Care Tax), the degradation of education, the seizure of assets in the protection of senior debt (MF Global, Best) market volatility (today), hyperinflation (coming) and collapsing confidence (happening as we speak).

The IMF propaganda has nothing left to offer Christine, that is your problem. Your empire of debt is crumbling, and a better way waits in the wings, with humility and patience. It needs do nothing but sit back and watch the self-destruction of your current "world order". There is a "another" New World Order to replace the old, an Old World Order that sees the way forward without war.

The battle is for the hearts and souls of the 90%. Your words sound fine indeed, but the actions hiding behind them, and their destructive consequences, are tiring. Move aside please, and allow the real world to make true progress in their place.

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