Thursday, January 8, 2015


ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) has emerged as the latest "something" in the Middle East. Whether they are an Israeli or US backed, or fomented, or enabled group, or whether situations involving larger powers helped to codify their manifestation remains partly a mystery which perhaps cannot be answered (since it is quite possible that their coalescence has formed from a combination of factors, failures and emerging changes).

If you have read Larchmonter 445's white paper in the Ring of Truth (these annal's most explosive single post out of nearly 22,000 unique visits) you will gain the notion that ISIL is a US germinated black-op of sorts - and any student of recent Middle East history is likely to at least consider this possibility in light of other uncontrollable monsters unleashed from US laboratories of Middle East interventionism. But that possibility does not equate to some singular cause and effect design.

What we DO know, and what is relevant to thoughts that are central to these annals, is that there is a significant economic CHANGE underway in the Middle East involving its black gold. And while this change might be described in terms of the various reasons offered for the sudden collapse of oil priced in dollars, it is in all reality the tectonic SHIFT from oil to natural gas (mentioned surreptitiously in October of 2013 which truly marks this change, which later graphs and charts confirm.

In this year of 2015, all will be revealed more clearly. Be patient. Surprises lie just ahead.

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