Monday, December 29, 2014

The Ring of Truth

As 2014 draws to a close, I happened to stumble upon an interesting read - one which is commensurate with earlier posts on the topic of the Eurasian Union, the Sino-Russian alliance, and the predictable reaction to the challenge of hegemony these pose to the current global monetary system.

What is relevant here to the inevitability of an equity-based global economic system replacing the current dollar/debt-based system, is the following passage:
It is evident from the nature and size of interactions between China and Russia, China has determined to construct a floor for the Russian economy. Just as the Federal Reserve secretly saved the EU banking systems by QE and passage of funds to select banks in the EU, China is doing similarly with Russia during the sanctions regime. Instead of creating debt, it is swapping currencies and keeping corporations liquid, taking equity positions in state-owned enterprises, making loans and advances on deals both within Russia and between Russia and China.
As you read the full document, the breadth of these undertakings is revealed. And further, as regards the entanglements of the current, dollar centric FX regime and its carry trades (the true easy wealth production of the debt-elites, which no one seems to recognize):
Most importantly, the Chinese protected the RMB, the yuan, from manipulation. They carefully introduced the yuan to trading partners, but never allowed their currency to fully trade as a Forex currency. China pegs its yuan to the U.S. dollar, thus restricting manipulation and speculation. There is no float rate and interest rates are state-controlled. The yuan gradually became convertible from dollars, yens, Swiss francs, Euros, Hong Kong dollars and rubles. The Chinese use RMB for bilateral settlement, case by case. 
And so the question might be asked: "Does the current foreign exchange regime compare debt backed currencies with equity backed currencies commensurately?"

I invite you to read the article in its entirety. While I have not fact checked every detail (and some cannot be) I suspect that if you are a student of FOFOA, you'll recognize the ring of truth when you hear it.

Signing off for 2014, I wish you all a Happy New Year!


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