Friday, October 10, 2014

Thoughts for a Simpler Time

It's worth noting that THIS is why I have always been fond of Alasdair Macleod.

No resistance levels or star crosses or related Western minded paper-driven chartist nonsense. No absurd attempt to try and apply statistical logic to propaganda-driven herd psychology. Just a simple recognition of indisputable trends and likely outcomes.

Macleod has always demonstrated this deep, yet humble, understanding of human values, and their entanglements within the complexities of the international monetary and financial system.

Human behavior is quite predictable really, a simple matter of greed vs. fear. These are the two elements that command our financial behavior.

As for virtue, and the satisfaction which may be derived from it. That has grown quite rare in recent years. I do remember a time when leaders motivated exceptional people to do exceptional things based on their passion for excellence, the outcomes reached in that pursuit being their own reward.

But as the nature of our money system evolved, and the character of our value system with it, I see more followers attempting to lead the marginal through fear and intimidation - the reward being that they keep the crumbs that fall to floor by "not rocking the boat" for fear of losing even those.

That being the case, the reset we have been discussing amongst those of us (Alasdair included) who view the world this way, will not just be a reset of the monetary system, but a reset of the character of our money, and of our valuation of wealth - including our moral and ethical values, and our character as a people.

For those clinging to the "old normal" science, the paradigm shift to our revolutionary science will be most alarming and problematic. But for those of us prepared to embrace the paradigm shift we welcome the change with open arms, and with a mind to help those less fortunate.

The reset will enable this new outlook, and I welcome it wholeheartedly.

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  1. And this spiritual crisis, because we have to name it, is revealing how western "wealth giants" have lost forever every piece of prestige and legitimacy to rule us.
    As I answered to Jamie "I'm richer than you" Dimon :
    "Whatever trillions you could add to your personal bank account, you will never be able to become richer than me, and I'm sorry for that."