Tuesday, October 14, 2014

$Y$TEM No Longer $upports GLOBALI$M

Clearly, globalism (in its most recent incarnation) has failed. This would be a great cause to rejoice for many anti-globalists, to the extent that they actually realize it. Brzezinski's Technetronic Era and Rockefeller's New World Order have been systemically undone by Another's "tribalism" or "regionalism" component of the human condition - the nature of the human super-organism.

Debt was man's best chance to harness universal appeal under one debt-based global valuation system, through an international monetary and financial debt structure where both Giant and Shrimp alike were allotted "something for nothing". But the ongoing failure of debt collapses this structure, and its valuation system.

It doesn't really matter which generational wealth dynasties support which region, tribe or currency bloc. The point is that they do not all support one side or the other. Competition has again surfaced, sides are chosen, and choices now appear.

To some extent, this is a victory for nation states, for national heritage, for individuality and for diversity. Indeed, the death throes of the dying system will be painful to many, but even it's originators, and its long term proponents, now cease to support it - to some extent intentionally, and to another somewhat unaware - though both states of consciousness enable the same result.

And yet, there is a unifying element that binds (by definition) all wealth in the underlying equity based system. It was always there, just as thrift, industry, productivity and virtue always existed - even as failure, dependence, sloth and opportunism were so egregiously rewarded under the "debt as wealth" paradigm.

With the resurgence of an "equity as wealth" paradigm success can be rewarded again, and failure can be allowed to run its course.

Some who remember the virtue of the past may even live so long as to see its return, without the scourge of war upon their doorsteps. And if they do, it would be the first generation to make such a claim - this could truly be called "progress" in the context of our social evolution.

But it will not be called capitalism, socialism, communism, fascism, corporatism or globalism. Those have all run their course now.

We look to the flower of understanding for new definitions, as change unfolds.

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