Monday, August 11, 2014

Our New World Sovereigns

Perusing the web, one will find many possible explanations of our current geopolitical / monetary condition, ranging from the interpretations of Jim Willie to Fabian Calvo, Jim Rogers, Martin Armstrong, Kyle Bass, Jim Rickards, FOFOA, LaRouche, etc... (and I'm sure that some of the above mentioned would prefer not to be mentioned in the company of one another).

Their interpretations and predictions vary widely, though most conclude that the current status quo is unsustainable, so let us focus upon that one common aspect between all, the inevitability of change.


The current monetary status quo can be summed up as a Keynesian, U.S. dominant (Federal Reserve Central Bank) influence globally, based on dollar hegemony, whereby the U.S. dollar still enjoys wealth reserve status as the global reserve currency.

Astute thinkers (like Another, and his collaborators - the early architects of the Euro Project) have provided a much more equitable global monetary solution than our present system. Certainly, present day monetary policy-makers are aware of this Freegold doctrine and its equity based wealth reserve premise, but there may be some question as to whether the advent of Freegold is "inevitable" or just the best solution for transitioning from a debt-based to an equity-based system.

As we consider the actions of China for example, it is not clear to the Roacheforques as to whether or not the general consensus among the People's Republic is to help engineer a Freegold transition or to position their currency as the new debt-based global wealth reserve holding. 

But what the "People's Republic" or what "China" wants is not as clear as what the pundits within this narrative think.


The more difficult task that lies ahead is to understand the narrative (and the narrators) in terms of their geopolitical influence. 

Through the present system of global corporatism, the geographic constraints of regionalism (tribalism) have vanished, and the New World Sovereigns are corporations, holding companies and other non-traditional border-less legal constructs which have leveraged the current monetary status quo to amass more wealth than sovereign nations of the past.

These corporations are in essence the sponsors of our global, corporatist / neo-fascist system, whereby their power is advanced through governments, while the interests of that government's constituents are secondary, subject to compromise, and muted through propaganda.

Hopefully, by clarifying the present global monetary system and the sovereigns who are fully invested in it, we can better understand the growing confusion of conflicting values, unpredictable and unpopular military actions, and constituent apathy and contempt.

Wealth, and its obsessive accumulation, is the single common denominator which drives the most turbulent decisions and actions upon the world stage, and the only geographic constraints which drive cross-border influence are the locations of strategic resources, primarily energy, but to some extent also food.

So the growing China-Russia (soon to be joined by India) BRICS axis is not necessarily the new free market equity based system any more than the Euro System (currently being dragged into the dominant dollar axis to an extent).

Dollar interests, while traditionally thought to be U.S. centric, are mobile and borderless. However, important individuals, strategic groups and systemic corporations can and will be geographically fixed, locatable, and subject to precise, strategic, military intervention.

This will be the next step in the process. A hot war is inevitable as our cold war of monetary sanctions continues to accelerate, but strategic surgical take-downs of (inconspicuosly located) New World Sovereigns is the threshold yet to be crossed which will define the new hot war strategy to preserve the status quo.

The people of the United States, complacent as they are after decades of exorbitant privilege, will no longer send their sons and daughters on political errands of "faux democratization" after so many years, post 911, of "no WMDs in Iraq after all" and "false chemical weapon flags in Syria" (etc.). And even if they begrudgingly do, the morale of our troops can never be restored, post Snowden and Assange.

The current status quo of debt being held as a wealth reserve asset grew out of the destruction of World War II, and the preservation of this status quo demands the destruction of equity to be sustained.

If only our "newest" New World Sovereigns truly understood that principle, they would embrace what some hold inevitable: the superior solution of a free market in gold, separating the superior wealth reserve function of gold as a "store of value" from the superior "means of exchange" and "unit of account" functions of the currencies.

But these new sovereigns must first shed the burden of human nature - that instinctual self-preservation urge to grasp the exorbitant privilege from the fading empire, and likewise grow "full spectrum" dominant above all. 

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. These are the cross-currents of our time, and time reveals all.

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