Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Tribute ...

As some of you are no doubt aware, I have been an admirer of FOFOA's work for quite some while now.

It is no exaggeration to admit that his series leading to the deflation / hyperinflation argument with Rick Ackerman was the principle distraction that redirected my passions from brooding over the Roacheforque excommunication to other, more productive, pursuits.

And that said ... it is no small matter to, in earnest, be in awe of the brilliance of his latest missive. To think that it has been six years since we set about the journey, and 3 since our separate paths crossed, such that the fork became one.

I will simply give the man his due, and point out that the link to his Garden of Wisdom is always just at your right ... and that you owe it to yourself to partake of the knowledge of our global fiat exchange system, so as to fully experience the truth ... about the deeper nature of the manipulation there ... which dwarfs the manipulation of gold (even though that manipulation, in and of itself, is barely fathomable, in terms of sheer hypothecation).

For in that garden of wisdom grows the Flower of Understanding, a topic of great misunderstanding, consternation and general confusion for some - though not FOFOA himself, who's gracious forbearance, open mindedness and tolerance for acidic levity only serves to elevate the intellectual prowess to which I humbly bow.

We bid you ... an inspiring read, should you choose to avail of it.


  1. Humbly said R. You are a good man to acknowledge and pay tribute to the genius of others on your blog. FOFOA has really done and outstanding job sharing his knowledge of the big picture with us. He grasps a level of understanding and easy speak that is truly enlightening. I also appreciate your writings here. You provide a valuable service and insight on your blog as well. I'm thankful to have both Roacheforque and FOFOA as my friends in gold. Have a great day. Most respectfully yours. Aurora

  2. Ahhh Aurora,
    Your words of kindness are inspiring. It is nice to hear them against the backdrop of many troubling global events.

    But then, those who have an understanding of gold recognize the hope it holds for a better future. Happy Friday!