Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Le Coup de CORPORATISME Mondial

A fellow commenter (simpleminded) alerted me today of a rather disturbing video, which at the time of this writing is still posted on YouTube - and let me say that Glazyev is in a way mistaken, yet partly correct in associating the source of the conflict with the United States. But we will get to that in a moment. First, the chilling video ...

What needs to be explained here is the translation of the word "NAZI" as used by Glazyev and others in the East, in contrast to what we here in the West have been conditioned to understand.

Here in the West, we see the NAZI party as a sort of anti-semitic cult that rose up under the influence of a genocidal sociopath obsessed with eradicating a particular culture from the planet earth. For the West, it is a story of the ongoing persecution of the Jew.

We do not seem to fully understand (from conversations I have been a party to) that the original germination of the party was a Fascist coup, planned and coordinated by the world's first newly forming global corporatist faction. A trial run perhaps, certainly a failed attempt, of what we see systemically forming today.

As with all world wars, they are almost purely economic in nature, and the antagonists are those who profit from war, through the economic engine of mass destruction.

So to associate the "United States" with this power grab is not completely inaccurate, and yet we must understand also that corporatism today, the union of private corporations with the state (governments, monarchies, civic foundations and even clergy) is truly global, much more powerful than before, and has only one true sense of nationalism: the culture of greed, currently centered around the dollar-debt system, as a means to that end, struggling to maintain its status quo.

Likewise, the dollar faction is global in nature, and holds no national sentiment toward any particular region or people. Corporatism is truly international in scope, holding no nation or custom dear. This culture of greed as a competitive sport among wealth Giants is fully content to homogenize all sovereignty of nations, all regional specialties and traits, all cultural richness and diversity into a single class of serfs beneath them, ruled by the 14 or so banking dynasties, and the interdependent system they have created and control.

I will tell you Glazyev, that there is more than one very powerful "Russian Nationalist" who will sell your country down the river for their part in the promulgation of this, and who believe themselves fully insulated from the Coup, by virtue of their station among the ruling faction of this newly entrenched breed of neocolonial Fascists attempting to rule the world through global corporatism.

Here in the West, the people of the United States are nearly as complacent with regard to the atrocities of the US arm of the GLOBAL military industrial complex as the German people were in the 1940's. It is a different world to be sure, with different styles and forms of propaganda, but the truth can be separated from the chaff by those who can think rationally enough to connect the dots, and among those who do, there is the voice of reason to be heard.

In large part, it is the victims alone who must fight to the death. First they turn to their governments, which fail in their civic duty to protect, then to their churches, which too are sometimes compromised in part, and finally to the heavens above, calling upon God's fury to make right the iniquities of man's greed and lust for power.

We sometimes look the other way, even admiring this natural order of "might makes right" as a survival of the fittest competition, calling them "Giants" and "Super Producers". True, there are those with a conscience among them, who do act in the best interests of society at large, but it is always the most ruthless that stop at nothing to gain full spectrum dominance. And they will justify their greed with the scraps that fall from their tables as just and fitting for a class mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from a system which allows them to live beyond their dreams through cheap and easy debt.

The Roacheforques for there part in this will lie low with their holdings, small dogs as they are. It is time for the Lions to fight - and if to the death, so be it

For ALL men, great and small, will know DEATH ... in TIME ...  making equals of us all, except for what awaits beyond.


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    1. Hi Dr. Paul,
      While there will be differeing opinions within the so called "deep state" one thing seems common to all: a vested interest in perpetuating the power of paper as a means to manage expectations, control prices and channel wealth to where it mutually benefits the various individuals within.
      The power of wealth by (paper) decree is their common goal. If not through the aging dollar faction, then some other fiat facsimile will do.

      In stark contrast lies gold, the people's historical choice for wealth storage and preservation. No one has decreed gold as "legal tender". But the wealth that powers the deep state does hold it, in a love/hate relationship of epic proportions. Ergo the focus on gold in these annals. It is the early French definition of the word "tradition" which comes to mind, "tradere" (deliver, surrender, yield) as the template for the coming years.