Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Great Miracle

In the last few posts we illustrate time and time again, the human element of self preservation, greed and opportunism as an extension of the domestic and foreign policy of the classe politique.

In the U.S., many bloggers rant and rave over U.S. interventionism, covert regime changes, CIA deployments of terrorist factions where strategic interests are at risk, and so on ... Some deny the policy, others condemn it, and some actually embrace it (though they wouldn't publicly, for fear of being deemed "socially incorrect").

There are many in our global society, both in the Eastern and Western hemispheres, who would gladly endorse their government's military adventures, and condone the use of chemical weapons, torture, mutilation, and even ethnic cleansing if it would indirectly insure a fresher loaf of bread on their table, and an extra dollar in their pocket.

In times past, Silas Roacheforque was fearfully regarded on both Wall Street and "The City" as a fierce, no prisoner's taken plunderer of new money, ruining many a promising enterprise with his capital advantages, and savoring the spoils as a Lion picks the carcass clean of his weak and defenseless prey.

He, and his kind have epitomized and glorified the "survival of the fittest" axiom of capitalism, which translates today to the so called wealth inequality effect, where the top .01% are considered the fittest, and they grow their wealth exponentially as the less fit fall prey to their system, which slowly drains the working classes more like a massive global parasite than a regal African feline.

But Silas was never alone in this .01% club, and the other members are spread far and wide, in strategic hemispheres, so as to shape certain geopolitical narratives within the context of their wealth accumulation strategies.

And this is shown to the working class as the way forward, as the pinnacle to reach for (unreachable though it truly is) and their values and virtues, malevolent and self-serving as they are, are held up as the qualities to aspire to, on the "little people" scale of course, so as to "be like them".

And debt of course is the key to this mirage, as it has always been, since debt ever first took the form of money.

So we can position ourselves to survive, or thrive, within this paradigm by holding physical gold, or serving the bitcoin system, or investing in this commodity or that FX pair carry, or some other "chessboard of the royals" game of chance - it is all for the greater glory of the self - that supreme element of human nature which dominates our world.

Look all around you at the world today to see how superbly the celebration of the self in all its glory is so nicely working out.

Yet we know that a world where people are compelled to help one another, and to love one another, and to deny the self, and instead embrace the virtue of sacrifice and charity, is a better world in every way.

Few people do understand the role of gold in this better world we propose. Because the Silas Roacheforques of the world, who actually own the lion's share of it, truly despise the aspect of it that places the working class entrepreneur and skilled craftsmen - and even the common laborer - on an equal footing with the financier class who profit from this age of exalted debt.

It is a love / hate relationship of epic proportions in our ongoing fiat world, a world where fiat has never before given so much advantage to senior capital. Yet the destruction it wreaks upon the debtor class is creating a world primed for collapse when this illusion of "debt as wealth" abruptly breaks from the new reality. And in this paradigm shift, a great miracle waits to be reborn.

We may once again see the value of meritocracy, as our system of valuations will be based on equity, not debt. The worth of a man will based in equity, not debt. The worth of a country and it's people will be based on equity and not debt, and the world at large, both East and West will be valued upon, and all it's assets denominated in, equity - not debt.

At first it won't be recognized, but when our digital, fiat money system is set free to be valued in light of equity (instead of debt) then the money itself has a free floating equity valuation inherent in its design.

Suddenly, the equity of our money system will root itself in the valuation of our own humanity. No longer will the Gordon Gekko's or the Silas Roacheforques be admired for their cunning and their deception and their unrestrained greed.

This is not to say they will not profit from exploitation and greed, but only that it will be restrained by the victory of equity over debt, just as the fiat printer will be restrained from manipulating our value system to inure to the benefit of the debt-financier class.

The great miracle that would come of this would be a rebirth of morality, and a re-thinking of the "valuation" of our own human nature. When our money is based in equity, so are our assets, and even our character as a people - all based upon an equitable system, where the true valuations that regular people place upon things overtakes the illusion of debt.

Ironically, gold - so impugned by the .01% as a tool for the masses today - yet valued above all for the coming reset - plays a central part in this.

I truly hope to live long enough to see this new valuation of our money, our world, our assets, and ourselves (truly our greatest asset of all) play out. It may once again be fashionable to love one another, and to help one another, knowing that in our own character, these acts alone are their own reward, toward a better world for all.

In a world systemically centered around equity, instead of debt, this change is possible. I stand hopeful, in my great love for the little people, that a great miracle awaits.

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