Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Tell

Ahhh, yes, MOST interesting this article from Reuters, one of the most widely read information sources among the well connected in "all the best circles". Reuters informs those most influential in shaping the narrative of the global monetary system, with all its geopolitical and socio-economic implications.

So when Reuters speaks, Narrators listen. The message is always relevant to both those interested in profiting from the narrative, as well as those with the means to actually help shape it.

And of course all narratives of this type do an excellent job of establishing a well entrenched and quite conservative status-quo-view, with all the inherent presumptions of class and status that serve to rise above the noise and hyperbole of the radical and subversive "conspiratorial view" ... thus earning much credibility in that regard. So do not question Reuters when it presumes so naturally to treat gold as a commodity, as to do otherwise would simply be "annoyingly odd":
The volume-matched gold benchmark is set twice a day by five banks via a teleconference, and is used widely by miners, refiners and jewellers to set their contracts.
Miners, refiners and jewellers, Oh my! Of course, this is just the most subtle whisper to treat gold as an important subject for refiners and jewellers. You see, miners, refiners and jewellers do not deal in "money" or a "monetary wealth asset" nor do they have any integral role in the realm of international debt settlement.

What they deal in my friends is a commodity. And Reuters media, that great flagship ministry of propaganda which the Narrators so endearingly embrace, is well equipped to convey that message quite pointedly without ever uttering the word, or drawing critical thought to the fact that the point is made so much more clearly by evading it.

Could you imagine if instead the quote above was more realistically fashioned to read, "The volume-matched gold benchmark is set twice a day by five banks via a teleconference, and is used widely by central banks, policy makers and politicians to set their policy." (!?)

Still, the most important (if not obvious) tell of all is this:
"... the fix is still accepted as a reference point for traders globally ..."
You see my friends, it is THE FIX that is THE REFERENCE POINT.
Say this to yourself as many times as it takes to fully comprehend the importance of this incredible statement, innocuous as it seems, for this is the crux of the matter after all.

A free market in gold, with real time supply and demand dynamics based on it's function as a global reference point for sovereign wealth will NEVER be the mindset of any "trader" under the narrative of the present system's paradigm.

In essence, Traders are meant to forever front run a fix. And the objective, within the paradigm (or narrative) we create for you, is to be on the right side of that trade, by gaining information from those who are better connected to it. That is your goal. That is the trader mentality. That is the status quo we wish to preserve.

And we do so by embracing transparency in the fix (an oxymoron that whizzes past the unquestioning at the speed of confidence). You see, if the lies are transparent enough, all is well, and we can proceed with the greatest lie of all: that gold is a commodity whose price we "now more transparently" fix with all the best intentions for jewelers and refiners and miners, being faithful to the tangible markets which they perform in, and the contracts which enforce them.

Gold, you see, will NEVER be remonetized as a free market wealth reserve focal point upon which our fiat currencies will be correctly repriced. Instead, we cross reference our currencies only against each other to gauge relative exchange values. Or ... so the narrative goes. Yet, as another once said, "to lose one major currency is to lose the entire structure as we know it", so the unspoken point here is that it is not our primary dealers but the major currencies they deal in which are actually too big to fail.

You see, it is the dollar, in the end, which is being used to bail out itself. And once you see the circular problem in that concept, confidence in the process is likely to fail.

But the Narrators will continue to doggedly deliver this sort of mainstream narrative for as long as they possibly can, until we see a shift in the narrative which the developed nations can no longer suppress.

Make no mistake, the dominant narrative which holds together this present global monetary system is defined and propagated from the West, and it finds its chief proclamations of self-evidence in these traditional voices of power like Reuters.

But the tell is becoming more obvious to some in the East. They are trapped in the present narrative like a spider in a web. And that web cannot hold back a thousand hungry lions forever.

It is sometimes the only remaining card to play, to bluff from a position of weakness, and see if the old bear goes into hiding again. Will he see the tell? Time proves all.

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