Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Preview

The Narrators have just "given the world" their view of the coming change to the global monetary system. Or perhaps they have just given a preview of what cards they are willing to show.

The fact that Rickards was given an audience by Reuters to express his thesis speaks volumes for what the Narrators want consumers of Reuters to see and hear.

But listen carefully, for there is no mention of an SDR.

And there is a great deal of bullishness toward the Euro.

Perhaps this Euro bullishness is mentioned in the book, but certainly not in prior video interviews and articles from elsewhere we have seen, where the SDR is described as "what the elites want". Perhaps a helpful studio director informed Jim that the producers would like to punctuate this Euro mention for the interview.

And there is the usual talk of determining the repricing of gold through the definition of money supply, as in the percentage backing of a functioning currency.

But Jim, if there is a total currency collapse as you say - despite it's being a non-alarming "every few decades event" - wouldn't the paper denomination of ZERO need a higher backing of gold than, say, 20% (the only percentage mentioned by the way) ??

And if so Jim, what number is that ... ??

But these are the wrong questions. At what price gold can the narrators instill confidence (appease the surplus nations of the world) in the Euro? Can they really hold it to $9000 per ounce, as they have allowed Jim to utter from the pulpit?

These pressures come from recent geopolitical events, and the development of producer-nation currency alignments at a free market gold valuation that is not dictated by the current paper gold market.

The West brought this upon itself. So the Euro option may be what the Narrators feel they must trigger at this time, a sort of "intermediary Euro solution" that clears enough debt under the new system at a $9000/oz dollar devaluation to spur growth and restore global economic balance.

We will see if the Narrators can prevent freegold with this interim solution, as they have signalled they are prepared to attempt.

I would not bet against them in the short run. But it could be a very short run at that.

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