Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Political Layer (Updated May 1, 2014)

So as we consider the strategic position of Europe, it's self-awareness as a systemic game changer in the global economy, and it's limited options ... the question, and the concept, of Europe as a Trojan Horse in the current narrative deserves further consideration.

Can the Euro truly maintain Dueisenberg's vision of being "totally separate from the nation state" ... or "remain completely non-political" when the issuing country sides with the Nemesis of its most promising trading partners?

I recently read a comment reply made by Frank Knoper, regarding Europe's adoption of the Freegold principle by virtue of its periodic "mark to market" valuation of gold assets on the ECB balance sheet, as follows:
China, Russia and others want to join this model, placing gold in the centre with currencies around it.
If it is the case that China, Russia, and let us say the developing Eurasian Union (thereby composing the bulk of said "others") do indeed want to join the Freegold model, will they embrace the Euro as the de facto currency which fills the void left by a dollar collapse in the transition to Freegold?

After all, this HAS been the Freegold premise since it's inception, as interpreted through Another. Namely, that lack of foreign support for the dollar would eventually predicate it's collapse, and Euro denominated contracts (in the broadest sense) would fill that dollar void based on a relative and commensurate revaluation (anti-collapse) in the functional value of gold.

So in this context, can "the friend of my enemy be my friend" in the current Ukrainian escalation?

Perhaps so, if we look at causes and effects beneath the "political layer".

If we consider that Europe is in effect actually helping the Neocon element within the dollar faction to further reduce foreign support for the dollar by standing with the policy of escalating both dollar sanctions and military posturing - in effect cutting off its nose to spite it's face (as Putin and others have characterized it) then it is, in that sense, furthering the cause of the Euro, even while appearing to further the cause of the dollar, by feigning political unity with "the West".

I seldom quote KWN, but Wm. Kayes recent synopsis seems refreshingly relevant here:
It accelerates this process by which U.S. hegemony over the world, which is predicated on the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency, is lost.  All you have to point to are the measures that are quickening now, by which Russia and China accelerate bilateral agreements. This would also mean that they would be requesting payment from their European customers in euros rather than dollars.
If such a range of possible futures was so thoroughly considered, we could understand that Europe's military "alliance" with the dollar faction is nothing more than an assisted monetary suicide under political cover of mutual interests which is really intended to situate the Euro as the only viable option to break free from the dollar, without alienating the traditional "special relationship".

In this sense, perhaps we can see the EU as even being the instigator of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, in cooperation with Western NGO's (and Washington) to arrange EU / NATO membership even moreso than a Washington induced coup based primarily on disrupting Russia's bid for global energy supremacy vis a vis Europe (as Engdahl suggests).

If the acceleration of U.S. economic decline continues on its present course (even the most doctored statistics now being difficult to lipstick over) compounded by the dollar factions own manic "dollar sanction suicide", then we could very soon have the dollar hyperinflation so many have wrongly predicted as imminent in the past, with Europe playing the role of a "masked Kevorkian".

Meanwhile the Eurasian Union comes to realize there is not enough time to launch a parallel currency system and that robust trade in Euro is the only alternative.

Then, politically, it becomes clear to the Eurasian Union that Europe's role in "supporting the West", though seeming antithetical to the Easts monetary interests, was in fact highly supportive of said desire to "join this model, placing gold in the centre with currencies around it." It is likely in fact already clear in certain circles, though this is not made visible to the public eye (Putin's wiretap of Victoria Nuland notwithstanding) .

In the end, it may be seen that Europe supported the dollar faction's own blind ambition for full spectrum dominance, backfiring into the waiting hands of the Euro, even as its issuers took political cover by aligning with the dominant military power.

However, despite the many layers of deception, frenemy-ism, misinformation and propaganda, we may also consider that at the core of all of this is an iron clad agreement between the EU and the USA, under the umbrella of global corporatism, to join economic and monetary forces toward a singlular premediitated outcome, yet to be fully discussed, but certainly on Roacheforques near-term agenda.

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