Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Pivotal Prize

So now even the little people begin to see what's at stake, as the mainstream narrative begins to show clues of what lies ahead. Yes, the cries of "dollar collapse" have been uttered for so long, and by so many, that many believe the sky would sooner fall.

Yet now, with so many news sources pointing to the formation of a Eurasian economic bloc, with parallel (yet qualitatively different) structures to those of the dollar faction, it boils down to our "good little soldier" in Brussels, buying all those US Treasuries for Belgium. Or did they?

It is certainly a very demonstrative "show of support" from the EU that it's "special relationship" with the US takes a que from Britain's past. But which future will Europe ultimately choose? Will it choose to align with the dollar faction, sign the TTIP treaty and strengthen the "alliance of debt" with the dollar system?

Or will it choose to align with its regional trade partners, energy suppliers, and emerging consumer economies? In 2010, they chose to save the currency, but to what end? Surely, the Euro is mature enough to fill many voids, but perhaps not all. And what of the military industrial neocons of the dollar faction and their new Cold War?

If Europe turns East, will the remaining dollar faction be strong enough to survive by force?

It is ironically fitting, that the person closest to influencing these very questions, by way of revealing some of Europe's most prescient thoughts and opinions, would comment upon my post, On the Nature of Being Human, for it is this human nature that will ultimately decide the fate of the worlds most pivotal decision.

Europe truly is the prize, and the stakes have never been greater. A continuation of dollar faction globalism under the pretext of Engdahl's Full Spectrum Dominance?  Or a step in the direction of competing systems, regionalism, and a retreat from said dollar faction dominance?

In the end, as I have intimated in the aforementioned post, I believe that self interest will prevail. But what a complex world we live in when our definition of "self interest" is so hard to understand?

Delay is inevitable, as the screw turns, but time cannot be halted in this process ... and ... it will reveal all.

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