Wednesday, March 5, 2014

That "Special Relationship"

When the Euro was first being conceptualized (decades before its launch) the special relationship between "the West" and "the West" was already solidified. One might say that from the time of the ending of WWII, the role of the BIS was much more critical in defining the broad alliance of member nations (and their central banks) as a much more tightly woven "special interest group" than any former nationalistic or cultural alliance among sovereigns. Agreements and partnerships will come and go, but the interests of an interdependent international monetary financial system are especially binding, in a very pragmatic and practical way.

One might perceive a sort of competitive, nationalistic pride, as in "we go our own way" in the thoughts of some very astute writers in the suggested reading here, pertaining to Europe, the EU and the Euro. And in that vein, one might see the Euro, and it's creators, as having devised a competitive adversary to the dollar (in the form of the Euro) such that the Euro, with it's mark to market asset line, it's breadth of CB holding, its settlement capabilities and its "discipline", will survive the dollar collapse, and replace the dollar, as EU member gold holdings (along with EU holdings themselves) are revalued during the onset of FREEGOLD.
And as a result, the collapse of the world's first hyper-inflated global reserve currency will not bring about an Apocalyptic world of Mad Max style barbarism.

And that would at least partly be correct.

But the Euro is not the enemy of the dollar, rather it is the "tag team" replacement for the dollar, as it enters the ring to challenge and defeat any non-BIS-affiliated monetary construct which the G(xx) might bring about through the Eurasian Union (or similar construct). So, much of what we witness today is about this affinity between strange bedfellows who appear adversarial, yet are far more closely aligned than appears on the surface. Oh there will always be regional squabbles, but systemic "glue" is global, and takes priority.

No party within this special relationship truly wants to see the current dollar-centric international monetary and financial system fail, as it is far too effective a means to reach the goals of its narrators. But the understanding that it will eventually fail, as all truly fiat based systems inevitably do, is decidedly "baked in".

The view of the Narrators is far above the narrative constructed for the little people. There is a plan to allow the dollar to collapse, and every American will welcome it, as it is presented. And the new economic union that awaits will combine forces in a way that NO ONE would find credible today, yet in time, ALL will accept it.

There are so many intricate puzzle pieces strewn about the span of a single lifetime ... pieces that coalesce to form the big picture understanding of a Rockefeller, a Warburg or a Rothschild (indeed, even a Roacheforque) if only one can separate the chaff from the wheat in our confusing disinformation age.

If the simple mind can grasp anything, it can grasp that the narrators above are not conspiring to "stick it to the East" with their useless tons of barbaric gold, all for the greater glory of a FREE market in PAPER!

But whether the little people live to see the turn is of no more consequence to the narrators than whether they themselves should live so long. For they are already rulers of this world, and whether they live to see a better world is not so dire a need. Their holdings will survive them, and their namesake will carry on.

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