Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Energy and Debt

Yes, the trading of debt for energy is breaking down here. But it is energy that is the focal point which calls into question debt as a form of payment, as mentioned here and here.

Iran, as we all know, played a hand dealt by force, which some will say "backfired", as the SWIFT sanctions did allow gold to bid for oil. And the USA, spun by some as the arrogant dictator whose hubris was misplayed, was well aware of the role Turkey might fulfill. Witness it's Lira. Witness the Ruble today.

Yes, the narrators approved this test of the dollar's resilience, as energy trade profits through forex conversion are a great carry opportunity. Will Obama sanction Russia next?

It is a Baltic standoff, fitting to be a World Wide Wrestling Federation international event. The Putinator vs. Mighty Obamagog ... we watch!

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