Monday, March 10, 2014

Barbaric Yes, But No Relic

As we look to the modern world for signs of progress, sadly we see very little in these days of obsessive growth in debt and financialization, all built upon a foundation of artificially managed markets, based mostly upon fundamentally unsound hypotheticals.

Where are the economical solar panels with wireless heat conductivity? Where are the energy efficient 'no brainer" replacements for fossil fuels in every area of manufacturing (not just transportation)? Where is resource exploration of other planets? Where is the cure for cancer?

Take your pick of any one of these "impossible marvels" and know that the capital which is directed toward the enrichment of our professional gladiators and the spectacle of their annual championships would easily fund any of them to fruition within a year or two ... if we so desired to redirect our attentions to that end.

But instead, our brightest minds compete with one another as speculators in equities, commodities, FX currencies and other derivatives, trying to front run the Fed or outplay a major hedge fund or shadow player.

Nothing remarkable takes place - no free-market global demand value is created. Only the demand for free money, gaming managed markets against the coillective, where the odds are 1237 to 1 in favor of the house's inside delta edge.

At least in the stone age, a dominant clan would need to expend some energy and even risk life and limb to rape and pillage the wealth of a weaker clan by brute force - instead of joining with them to hunt together, and plant seeds to harvest, for the greater good.

Today, the "greater good" is a euphemism for obedience and fealty to the Narrators. And even in the realm of the populist "freedom fighters" who spit conspiracy vitriol daily, there is so little benefit expected from "doing what is right", yet one may "thrive" by having the "right information" (really?) ...

Today, there is little risk to the easy wealth one class can steal from another, through scams and cons which our civil servants turn a deaf ear to, as they collude in complicity to share in the spoils.

Take Wells Fargo for example, the newly enshrined "most profitable bank in America" recently dethroning that paragon of moral rectitude, JP Morgan. Both companies are NOTORIOUS for running an organized crime operation where fines are a completely acceptable cost of doing business.

But in the case of Wells Fargo, it is notable that their force-placed insurance and similar collateral protection scams, perpetrated upon the little people, are apparently more profitable than the rigged interest rate swap scams perpetrated upon sovereigns like Greece, or smaller states, counties and utilities.

Survival of the fittest is indeed the law of our modern day jungle is it not? And aren't the little people, as a species, being increasingly thinned out? The lions should understand the limits of their ecosystem, especially since such limits upon man are not governed by the wisdom of nature, but rather by the primacy of human greed.

One might as well take this fiat paper experiment to the logical conclusion of its timeline, as a Shinzo Abe does, yet not quite to the picturesque ideal of modern monetary theory. Only one actor on the stage can realize that dream, and in that realization perhaps just as quickly end it.

Is it any wonder that we are forever ultimately enslaved to the barbarism of gold? We are every bit as barbaric as our ancient money. Clearly it is no more a relic of the times than we are.

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