Friday, February 28, 2014

The Curtain Rises

It is interesting to see the acceleration of "investigations" lately into certain alleged nefarious forms of fraudulent financialization fomenting frequent fines and facilitating fabulous feats of fractured fascism ... whereby the government "regulatory" (ahem) bodies in the great global public-private partnership appear now to suddenly be concerned with "justice" ... whereas for the last two decades these same actors were so quick to look the other way, for fear of pricking the magical wealth effect bubble.

What an exciting new act upon the world stage for the little people to be dramatized with, as they "Oooh and Aahhhh" the hero's and villains of our global Theatre of the Absurd, complete with thunderous judgements and fines, and even leaping lords banksters sacrificed upon the sands of the Colosseum.

First Libor, Shibor, and now Gold manipulation are suddenly all the rage (not to mention the many smaller, yet uncharacteristically punitive pronouncements). It is not so much what is being alleged as it is the source of the allegations, and the motives behind the collective sources and the meme they are constructing.

In the states, the common meme for the little people is that their public serving classe politique is simply and finally fed up with the vicious blood sucking squids of globalism and are charging forth with civic virtue to the rescue of their constituents, in order to SAVE the middle class. Go, Team Obama! (or is that Brand Obama?)

Oh, I think we'd be quite guilty of over-estimating the average intelligence of the working class debt mule if we were to say that "they aren't buying that." But a few no doubt will see the hidden motive.

No mainstream media "trend" or meme gains traction and momentum without a coordinated action behind it, and thoughts do precede actions as the planning takes place to carry them out. The addition of Bloomberg to the growing wave of finger pointing is noteworthy. When the Reuters pulpit gets fully behind this, and it appears they already have, we might feel a tingle running down our spines that certain conversations have taken place "in all the best places".

So why now do the Generational Wealth Dynasties, or Powers That Be (or whatever else one wishes to call them) want the little people to see this mock battle play out between good and evil, whereby the evil are "manipulators" and the good are "freedom fighters".

Oh, I do think the word FREE is the key, as in FREE Markets ...  as in ... Freegold?
We shall see. It takes time for a planted seed to grow, but the sowing does seem rather evident so far, as we build from the manipulation of derivatives being "called out" to this gradual and final crescendo of "gold being manipulated".

I had so enjoyed this play, and now it appears we are in the final act. Even I was a bit surprised to see it taken so far, so fast. But the show must go on, and the in the end, the curtain always rises.

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