Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Slavery as Social Etiquette

So little time is spent admiring the marvel of our modern age, whereby our image based valuation system has hypnotized the masses into believing that debt-fueled consumption is not only fashionable, but socially conscionable.

The wealth elite have so thoroughly convinced the little people that "slavery is cool" and in such a way that not 1 in 100 suspects is inimical to their interests ... why ... it is a marvel that even the Roacheforques can attest to, as having been an outcome so dearly hoped for - yet never truly expected to be so fantastically successful, as we have seen of late.

But such things do follow from the nature of our money system, which is the logical representation of our value system. We place such great value upon a paper image of the promise of wealth, absent the real thing, that we have taught the masses to adore debt, the money of slaves, and by extension to adore slavery, not just as a Horatio Alger type of aspiration, but for its own redemption. True riches are merely more "rags of debt" in this fiat wealth continuum. There is never even an acknowledgement of true wealth. It is scorned, even barbaric, and thus not fitting to aspire to.

Instead we aspire to be socially connected, by and through debt, and to accept that this is our aspiration, to do what is conscionable to maintain this system of fairness and equality, despite individual merit, despite exceptionalism, despite any form of individuality and it's former virtues or grossly over-stated liberties. These things today, as in any form of creative thought outside the support groups of conformity ... are repudiated.

Some will argue that the masses have learned to reject our offer, and to shun such practices of conspicuous consumption. But I tell you that these charts and trends are a result of circumstance, not voluntary choice, and circumstances do change, as they flow from West to East for example, and the cycle of indenture spreads its perpetual pathology onward.

Most encouraging of all, we have accomplished all this without the unsightly stain of race hatred (having had Hjalmar set the tone to monetize bigotry for the most part). Today, ALL are welcome to join these hunger games and to enrich their social networks with open arms, through their obedience to the system, and its celebration of the trivial, yet accepted, norms.

Of course, this is the triumph of the "advanced" economies. There is much work to be done with the great unwashed of the emerging economies. There, pain is being administered as I write this, such that we can properly educate them as to the consequences of such non-conformity.

They do scurry about so as to acquire our gold at today's managed prices, and even as they do, they do not realize that this wealth is merely lent for now, and we are happy for its safe keeping under their watch, for they only hold this asset to counter balance the massive debt they are enslaved to, and when they finally stand to redeem, then we shall allow the free market to reclaim its authority.

Something could go wrong of course in this world of so many layers of competing realities. But I wouldn't wager upon it.


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