Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Honor Among Giants

There does seem to be some discussion, in all the better smoking rooms, as to the geopolitical positioning of physical gold. You can get a read on this between the lines of certain not-so-mainstream commentary, but the nuance generally gets lost in the fray.

What does call certain Patriarchs to attention is the uncertainty that gold which has systemically important claims upon it is finding its way to the right people, and while that was never a question in times past, the current character-distorting trend of the debt-based paper money system has strained (and perhaps stained, by association) the integrity of some good names (or so we hear) and so something must be done.

The trouble of course is that these remarks do carry some weight, and when a fellow is found to have stigmatized himself all the way to the gates of his maker with a hydraulic nail gun to chest and forehead, this does call into question the extremes to which a banker might take such a devout resolve toward self-mortification (of the type perhaps that a fall from a great height might also obscure [?] ).

Yes, there is honor among Giants. And their system, in the end, does only remain balanced when the contracts they agree upon are enforced. And when they are not, justice is swift and sure. These are important matters after all.

And there are laws for the little people as well, much more visible to the many, which do not apply to the chosen few, other than for the sake of appearances. And in these times, even pretense is hardly attended to any more, as the civility that this debt based system did provide for the little people is being strained as well, this debt now being called into question by the repositioning of certain assets.

I'm quite certain that the balance of global equity is still very much aligned according to where debt shall make its final stand, and that in the final play debt and gold have both expanded to where they best suit the purposes of the most influential forces in world affairs. So an all out world war will never come of it, only some painful realignments.

Those who might foil the reset clearly see the price of failure. And all the great unwashed will never know.

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