Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Deep State of Fascist Totalitarianism

The so called Deep State as described in the video below, is a fairly accurate assessement, but its roots reach back much further than a mere three decades in the U.S. The word "corporatism" finally emerges about half-way through the conversation, and is never uttered again, even though it is so much less ugly a term than "global fascism", but these concepts, again, are not new. Orwell and Rand, and of course the "globalists" or "trilateralists" (Patrick Wood) even certain political socialists and liberal journalists have, to a degree, articulated the vision ...

Generational wealth is the domain of very large corporate interests like GE or Haliburton, and has always sought out monarchies, governments and whatever other form a taxing authority may take, as their most profitable customers.

Or is that "partners"?

The strategy is simple. An entitiy that taxes the many little people is the funding of our most profitable ventures, and when those ventures serve similar interests, a marriage of convenience takes place (contracted in various Free Trade agreements). Eventually, fiat money can bypass the little people altogether, as they descend deeper into debt ... and then the debt-money itself must of course change. History is a fine example of this process, even though present day manifestations take many forms of understanding.

One group may perceive the system as the current Public/Private Deep State described above, whereas another perceives a sort of Wolin / Hedges concept of economically dominated "inverted totalitarianism":

Whatever fashion takes hold in the present is always a passing trend. In the end, all things do change in time, and the highest levels of wealth do always get richer through change as they enable it.

The poor? Many "third world nobodies" hope to be economically transformed so as to fuel this new system. It is a part of their cultural memory, something the West has lost in its illusory, yet obsessive, quest for the "quick and easy - here and now."

It is enough to reason that Wealth Giants have protected their future interests and will be rewarded by the coming change ... and that those who walk in their footsteps will receive their commensurate share in those rewards ...

Until then, a painful time for many to be sure, the world is much too pleasant a place to be missed.

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