Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Another Revealed?

As FOFOA has finally revealed his opinion that "Another" was in fact Guy de Rothschild, perhaps my post concerning the "battle for true sovereignty" carries some new credibility? And I think viewed in this light, many of my posts will now impart some additional weight if one can only draw the logical conclusions therein.

Those who have followed the comments section at FOFOA's blog for more than a few years may recall a comment by VTC whereby he countermanded the Roache's estimate of Rothschild gold holdings by a multiple even more fantastic than the LBMA clearing discrepancies cited by FOFOA in his latest offering.

But I have many times indicated, in no uncertain terms, that the largest private stockpile of physical gold lies in Rothschild vaults, then as today, and as it has been for centuries. THAT gold does lie very still, rest assured, though some is added to it on a very regular basis and those vaults have seen NET increases in volume every decade for as many decades as there is any record of.

Also rest assured. The Rothschild Continuation Holding would never "corner" gold in a fashion which places human nature above and beyond the ability to profit from a thorough understanding of it:
 A cornerer can become vulnerable due to the size of the position, especially if the attempt becomes widely known. If the rest of the market senses weakness, it may resist any attempt to artificially drive the market any further by actively taking opposing positions. If the price starts to move against the cornerer, any attempt by the cornerer to sell would likely cause the price to drop substantially. In such a situation, many other parties could profit from the cornerer's need to unwind the position.
And so, think back now upon the Supply YING and demand YANG. This is why the Saudi deal was kept secret ... and then revealed. Same as with LBMA clearing. ALL GIANTS do understand the need for discretion between them, and even moreso the 'hand just below".

So much is difficult to explain without the proper understanding of the history and evolution of this opaque world of secrecy and deceit. But it is HUMAN EMOTION that drives the artificial (or "naked" if you will) shorting of a market, in this drive for paper yield where players foolishly believe they can beat the house at its own rigged game.

The bullion banks, in collusion with "systemic policy" will simply set a mark to manipulate to, and all volatility from that mark, up or down will be the maipulator front running the delta, much more optimally than the delta could ever front run the manipulator ... and the game is drawn out as weak hands give to the strong.

And yet it is commonly thought that the strong hand gives back to the weak ... paper perhaps, but never gold. And the hand that gives paper is always and forever above the hand that takes it.

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