Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Battle for True Sovereignty

For the little people, it must be discouraging to see the descent of the fruits of toil, while the "easy life" of taking money at the great table of "chance" is so richly rewarded. Never has there been a time when wealth could be gained so easily, when nothing of utilitarian value is produced for the common good.

Nothing is designed or engineered, nothing manufactured, nothing discovered or developed, no man is cured, no need is fulfilled, nothing is built or invented at the gaming tables of the great "lenders" of debt. All that is decided is winners and losers, and wealth by any other name will always flow to the winners.

For those who have a stake in the house, and set the rules of the game, nothing is left to "chance" and the flow of wealth is easy, as in easy money (debt). And life for the little people grows harder upon their backs, for their place in the scheme of things, to support this system they are indebted to.

It is in fact a blessing to understand that the world has always been this way, and that since we live in an information age, we merely see more evidence of it, more clearly, and should understand that our perceptions of the inequity has thus grown, along with the degree to which the inequity itself has grown.

The Roacheforques will have their way in this world, as their generational wealth is more Sovereign than the institutions it is parked in, or the nations such wealth is extracted from. And it is these generational wealth dynasties that are the sovereigns of this world, just as it was with Kings and Barons and royalty and nobility of the forgotten past.

A European Union may be formed, where Italy, Ireland, Germany and even Great Britain, the countries of my bloodline, may join forces to create economies of scale.

A Rothschild could even join forces with a Roacheforque in some form or fashion, but only to accomplish a greater degree of Sovereignty. There is no other goal at this level of wealth and power, but to be free to do any and everything you please, even if only by virtue of debt obligation.

To be held accountable to no man, no country, no law. This is what the Rothschild Continuation Holding (and some less recognizable but similar concerns) has accomplished, and all through the obligation of what is truly becoming an unstable and unsustainable concept of "debt as wealth".

But do not take my word for it. Simply ask yourself what led the world to accept debt as the focal point global wealth reserve? And who benefits by that state of world affairs? You see, when debt fails, it will do so partly through a realization that this trickery, of turning a liability into an asset, and then back into a liability again, is but a simple parlor trick. And it works flawlessly every time, generation after generation.

In essence gold was turned into debt, and now it turns back into gold again. And in this process the true sovereigns of this world will be defined by their holdings of gold. You would be surprised to know who the greatest holders of sovereignty in our turning world truly are. And further surprised to learn how those holdings change through the final turn, as the flow is redirected by the true Sovereigns into their possession when debt is magically transformed, through settlement, back into gold again.

But most will never know of such things, as such knowledge is not available to the little people, nor should it ever be, if the sovereign are to maintain sovereignty through the succeeding generations.

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