Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What do you BELIEVE in?

In the world of Peter Pan, if one could only BELIEVE hard enough, anything was possible. Sound familiar?
For this is what you are asked to believe by those who would take advantage of that naivete. Or does the epitaph of "sheople" not fit the pattern of the times?

And yet to believe in something in the sense that you can create value from thin air, vs. a belief in a "principle" which you hold to be timeless and true is a completely different matter.

In the comment section, among the suggested reading here, someone wrote: "LOL. No matter how high gold goes, it will never outperform my investment in Bitcoin (sic)."

I wonder, does this person truly believe in the merits of BITCOIN as a currency alternative, or is he merely gloating on a temporary and successful momentum trade which puts him "ahead" of similar price chasers?

The statement is loaded to make a point.

We do live in an unprincipled world, immersed in a developing form of global fascism, where financial forces battle to maintain systemic control over the working classes, pointing artillery of debt and envy at the moving target of middle class wealth wherever it finds a new home.

In the East, wealth flows to the middle class and they embrace the Western lifestyle as readily as Pavlovian dogs salivate on command - even to the extent of a mortal culture clash ... and so the gold flows, accumulated through the recycling of debt.

It is a system that the 1% do thoroughly believe in, and have used to their advantage for ages, knowing that human nature always guarantees the greatest return. The beggar class has little to offer, but the working class is ripe for the taking, so envious they are to reach beyond their means for the lifestyle of those who offer it.

Is this what you believe in? Do you simply prefer to believe in the "insider's game", and your ability to play it, like the Bitcoin momentum trader? Do you really believe this foolish braggart will ever truly reach the height and staying power of generational wealth in the end?

Do you believe in the headlines you read about the merits of quantitative easing, and the risk mitigation of debt-based derivatives? Do you believe that the debt of a single nation should be held as the long term store of value for all nations? Do you believe that money printed out of thin air holds value forever?

Or is it the case that this world simply holds nothing for you to believe in at all. No timeless truths, no principle-neither moral, nor economic-no virtue, no honor, no compassion ... nothing but the burning desire to get ahead, and to outperform the other players at any cost?

And if you could somehow manage an unfair advantage, an exorbitant privilege of sorts, would you cling to it for dear life as the most precious thing in this world, above and beyond all else, to reach that end?

In short Peter, do you believe in Fairies?

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