Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thoughts of Good Cheer

It is worthy to reflect, as the Christmas Holiday extends into the new year, upon our humility as mere mortals on this earth. We are all equal, little people and generational wealth giants alike, in the context of our history, and our organic totality as a species through the ages.

Keep peace in your heart, but in your mind keep that governments, and media, and other mutually interested groups, can and do paint gruesome pictures of the people of a rival country, of a race or a region, where a conflict of power or control, and wealth, is imminent.

In this world, gold does represent a way to keep our money "honest" but not as in the ways of the past - those standards were compromised.

Intuitively, we all know that wealth cannot be printed at will or by decree, as in the current trend of fiat currency. We know that this gives the power of "infinite supply" to the issuer.

In the past, a country's currency could die, and an alternate currency would fill the void. But today, all countries hold the bond of a single currency, and the "group confidence / group support" which sustains it, denies the fundamentals of earned wealth. It is truly the logical outcome of Keynesian theory.

Here in the developed West, because our currency so defines our worth, our wealth, our values and aspirations - it intrinsically defines us, and when it has no fundamental virtue behind it, when it is no longer "earned" but is rather allocated by the controllers of money, then morality suffers, and the world becomes more polarized and much uglier than we care to admit.

So a true free market gold standard, one that can reign in the inequities of the current fiat system, is something to believe in and hope for, as it governs the supply of fiat, removing any exorbitant privilege of one issuers debt over that of another.

In this context, there are of course economic factions which take the other side of this argument, and who will stop at nothing to defeat it, to suppress it, to deny it, to pervert it and to prevent it from ever coming to fruition, to sustain the value of their people's debts over the debt of others.

And whenever those opposing factions can engage the populace in hatred for one another, through shock-value propaganda, you can have a Nazi Germany, and be caught up in the atrocities, on one side or the other. Understand which side you are on, when the time comes,

Perhaps the lesson of the season is to take no sides, at least for a short time, and begin the New Year with a perspective of the value of Peace on Earth, and Good Will to Men.

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