Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Of late it must be said that what passes for "news" these days is rather dull (save for the re-emergence of FOFOA in his comments section). It is better at times to turn instead to what could respectively be referred to as "olds", as there is much more substance there than what the little people could ever keep up with, unless they were to totally abandon the barrage of information designed to daily manage their perceptions.

One notion that is forcefully regurgitated with ritualistic regularity is the meme of the U$ Dollar COLLAP$E, how it will happen and why, why it MUST happen and when, and all manner of signs and portents which point to this inevitability, and so on, ad nauseaum.

These various flailings of the keyboard need but to focus on the central premise that the dollar, and by extension all fiat currencies, so elegantly intertwined, are dependent solely upon the performance of debt, as an asset. One must also perceive that for the privileged class, debt will always be an ASSET, and for the little people debt will be a LIABILITY, as long as THEY perform. For it is the little people that guarantee the performance of debt, thereby manifesting the very utility of this concept of "debt as a world class asset".

And lest you fail to grasp this, do understand that 99% are little and 1% are not.

Still there is some confusion then, as to how debt will fail, which by the way IS inevitable, and yet it's eventual path toward this end appears hard for some to follow...

What gives debt value to the little people is its MEANS of EXCHANGE use in transporting "thoughts of value" from the financial plane to the physical plane, where real world goods and services perform as assets purely through their essential "survive and thrive" utility - food, energy, housing, filet mignon, champagne, loose women (of the type which predicated Roacheforque's unsavory fall from grace) and so on.

The little people will never willfully abandon our system of "debt as earnings to repay debt", and our friends across the Potomac have enabled a most confusing shell game which conceals the fact that it is WE who ultimately guarantee performance of the debt, by "issuing the new" to "retire the old" in this dollar centric continuum.

It comes then, to a level of acceptance among much larger supporting groups, which reach into the realm of the 1% themselves. How does one divest of something which grows increasingly unfashionable, when the engine of labor that produces the cream atop the churning debt produces less and less than more attractive alternatives, as they develop Eastward? Slowly at first ... then all at once?

Well, one never fires the help until a suitable replacement has already been secured.

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