Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Structure of Systemic Change

And so ... now that the time draws near ... we reflect more upon the "impossible", the great paradigm shift where that which cannot fail, fails ........... or does it?

As Another once said, get out your aspirin ... (or perhaps your single malt).

We struggle with the concept of debt "failing". How can such a world exist, when debt is so universally used as a means of exchange? 99% of commerce is conducted in credit, which is synonymous with debt, also with currencies. They are all forms of debt. So if debt fails, the currencies burn and 99% of commerce comes to an abrupt halt - a systemic seizure of epic proportions engulfs the world taking us back to the age of barter.

What powers in any position to prevent such a thing would do anything less than die trying?

Yet we know that mathematically, in a debt-based system, there is a finite timeline wherein debt eventually fails. And that timeline appears stretched now beyond all reasonable limits. And yet it still does not fail. Rather than "blow up the world" all who support that notion support the present system, because the wheels of commerce depend upon it. Or so the current way of thinking strongly suggests. Yet things do change.

Understand this. When something systemically important is "redefined" it can fail in the role of its former definition, yet succeed in its new role, as newly defined. When debt is no longer accepted as a means of international settlement, and gold is demanded instead, gold will have been remonetized. Its definition will have changed (from commodity to international monetary settlement unit).

In that process, debt will also be redefined from being "backed by nothing" to being "correctly priced by gold". Yes, this is inverted thinking ... or is it?? I tell you that today's thinking is inverted, through many years of conditioning.

Today debt prices gold ... tomorrow, gold prices debt.
Remember, currency is credit, credit is debt ...
Currencies today denominate gold -- that is the inverted thinking my friend.

As currencies function today (fiat a.k.a. "by decree") gold could be theoretically priced to "zero" (remember when it was "decreed" to $20/oz.?). Gold is still priced by decree, within a "credible range" to most, through a paper proxy we should call "fiat gold" just as suitably as we call it "paper gold".

Now remember Another: "It is gold which prices currencies." ... that is the true statement, inverted (invalidated) by 40 plus years of conditioning, especially so in the "developed West".

Once gold is remonetized, debt will be redefined as being "correctly priced by gold" and at that correct price, debt can rise from the ashes as newly redefined and currencies can resume their essential function though this change in definition, this "paradigm shift".

To understand this change with today's inverted thinking we say, "$55,000 per ounce gold", but to view the world through the Freegold lens we see "money denominated by gold". Not backed by, but denominated by or "valued" by ... gold.

And so with this systemic change, credit, the essence of human commerce, can again be "credible." And life goes on.

With debt resuming its essential function through the "newly priced" fiat, it can be packaged and resold, and those who can "change peoples minds" about "what is value" can still profit from this. But in a paradigm shift, all systemically related definitions change: gold, debt, credit, fiat.

No longer will men (and their promises) "decree" fiat, it will be "decreed" by gold.

And that being the case, the little people will not care for the new system any more than the last, as their opportunity to be "on equal footing with giants" will be lost.

Surely that is enough for one to digest. Think upon this long and hard, as this time of realization in the international settlement arena appears ready to state its case, that is, "ready for change".

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