Tuesday, November 12, 2013

That Which One Cannot Know.

When Another revealed (in part) the inner workings of the oil for gold deal, there were direct and indirect motives to call to attention the open publicity of the LBMA reports. Motives that an honorable man would find his own reward in.

But do you think that this is, or was, the only "secret" deal ever made, between superpowers (Or GIANTS as some call them) to extend a mutual privilege or benefit between them, to the shared disadvantage of uninformed or lesser parties?

Know that the world around you is made up of nothing BUT such agreements, which seek to parlay and leverage relationships with exclusive benefits, favours and mutual arrangements into advantage, gain and even joint predation upon the weak, at layers and levels NONE of which are "on display" in some public media fishbowl.

For even the fishbowl is a mirage, bent upon leveraging the outsider's exclusions against the insider's position of advantage. All a game of RISK about which the little people know nothing at all, as they furiously recycle their hamster wheels of debt in oblivious vacuums of externally managed artificial realities.

Even the Roacheforques are an easy mark for the Roth, if a point were to be made. And those among the family who still hold sway do also know their place in the scheme of things. A complex scheme indeed ... always changing ... secrets always gradually undone ... affecting different groups in different ways ... each link in the chain affecting another ... and in turn another.

In the end, it is the simplest of Truths that endures, when all the complex trappings and apparatus and fabrications have faltered under the complexity of their structure, and the unraveling of their interdependency's, through the eventual and forgone failings of human nature. In the end, people cannot trust their paper money any more than their banks, their governments or themselves.

And thus, no paper construct of the promises and agreements of men can ever stand the test of discipline and time, to hold true as a focal store of value in this world. It is no more complex than that. And thus the truth is no more complex than gold.

Gold is the only "money" to have truly separated itself from the nation state. Therefore this dichotomy of the Euro as the closest fiat equivalent to gold remains partly unresolved.

But our friends in Basel have most likely made agreements ... quite important ones ... and seem quite obviously to be using their most powerful central bank on a regular basis, to carry out these commitments, to both balance the inequities of the past and prepare the foundation for the future.

So it would seem, if the evidence can be extrapolated back to what Another described as "leaving the present dollar system without war" then we can expect that this outcome is and has been managed, in an ongoing fashion, toward that end.

And in no uncertain terms, the little people should be thankful for the nominal price they pay, in the shifting of paper wealth to those who help moderate this essential function.

For they need only understand one simple truth imparted by Another, among all these complex webs of counter-balancing yet completely unknowable assumptions ... to emerge quite well off on the other side.

Everything else, for what it matters, is not only unknown, but irrelevant.


  1. Well proffered, noble Roacheforque.

    The vision of a patchwork quilt of agreements among the holders of wealth and power fits quite snugly.

    Your post has triggered a thought that I will withhold in the short term due to a preponderance of vodka.

    But I shall soon resurface and posit the concept your ponderings have induced...unless of course I look back and determine that the concept is mostly vodka and little valid thought.

    A distinct possibility. We shall see.


  2. Ahhh BIMBY,
    Your enjoyment of the bounty of nature's purposed grains serves well the enhancement of your neural connections, a state of contemplation which the Flower of Understanding compliments in kind.
    There was always a certain contradiction inherant in Another's stance that "all paper will burn" and yet the paper Euro will serve as the Phoenix to restore the necessaryt function of "well managed" Fiat.

    It seems to Roacheforque that this dichotomy has been stretched full circle back to the present day "error of our ways" in the overly complex argument involving "FREE FIAT" ... to which you have so rightly responded, and to which this post no doubt speaks ... thus sparking the synaptic nerve endings for which the aforementioned vodka provides an essential conductive effluent.

    I await the synchronous connection ...